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Elevating Bawo Jewelry’s Online Presence With ZealousWeb

Name of the client : Liz Yokus

Bawo Jewelry stands for aesthetic waterproof jewelry. Bawo Jewelry is synonymous with elegant waterproof jewelry, offering a range of meticulously crafted pieces, including handcrafted jewelry, designer bags, and clothing. Their artisans skillfully solder, saw, carve, and shape each piece without relying on manufacturing machinery, ensuring an authentic handmade collection.

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Technical Bugs And Glitches

Technical issues caused glitches on the website, weakening user experience and hindering smooth navigation for visitors.

Slow Loading Speed

Slow website loading speed led to potential visitors leaving the site before exploring the products, impacting user engagement and potential sales.

Outdated User Interface And Experience

Despite having trendy products, the website lacked a modern and trendy user interface, failing to captivate the visitors and convey the brand’s essence effectively.

SEO Knowledge Gap

Lack of understanding of SEO principles resulted in missed opportunities, with the website facing compatibility issues and failing to capitalize on search engine benefits.


Comprehensive Bug Fixes And Optimization
  • Identified and fixed technical bugs, broken links, and forms, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for visitors.
Website Redesign And Optimization
  • Implemented a thorough redesign, incorporating attractive graphics and responsive design elements, enhancing the website’s aesthetics and user experience.
Speed Enhancement Through Plugins
  • Integrated speed optimization plugins and packages to boost website performance, ensuring faster loading times and higher visitor retention rates.
SEO Education And Implementation
  • Educated the client about SEO principles and made necessary improvements on the website, addressing compatibility issues and enhancing search engine visibility.
Cross-Device Testing And Regression Testing
  • Conducted extensive testing across multiple devices and performed regression testing to ensure the website’s design, performance, and functionality met all requirements and standards.


Modern And Trendy Website

The website is now up-to-date with the latest trends, featuring enhanced graphics and animations, creating an engaging and visually appealing user experience.

Improved Speed And User Experience

Speed optimization plugins significantly improved the website’s loading times, leading to increased user engagement, higher lead generation, and improved overall user experience.

Responsive And User-Friendly Design

The fully responsive design ensures seamless functionality across various devices, enhancing accessibility and user satisfaction.

Enhanced SEO And Visibility

Addressed SEO issues and improved compatibility, leading to higher visibility in Google searches, attracting more organic traffic to the website.

Stability And Bug-Free Performance

Through rigorous testing and bug fixes, the website now operates smoothly, providing a stable and bug-free browsing experience for visitors.

Bawo Jewelry’s home page
Bawo Jewelry’s product page
Bawo Jewelry’s product page

ZealousWeb’s intervention revitalized our previously struggling online presence by resolving technical issues, accelerating website speed, and optimizing SEO, immensely enriching user experience and our brand’s perception. The overhauled site is contemporary, seamless, and consistently user-friendly. Their unwavering commitment has solidified our online standing and tremendously uplifted our brand’s reputation. I’m truly taken aback by their expertise and wholeheartedly endorse ZealousWeb’s exemplary web development and SEO offerings. Immense thanks for your unparalleled assistance.

Liz Yokus, Bawo Jewelry
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