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Cartridges Direct, a leading online supplier of printer cartridges, was on a mission to overhaul their web presence and improve operational efficiency. With an array of products and brands, it was crucial to offer visitors an intuitive experience to find desired products seamlessly. Moreover, the task of syncing their vast product list and categories with Netsuite posed a challenge, warranting an innovative solution that could bring cohesiveness and efficiency to their digital ecosystem.

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Website Redesign Requirements

Adapting the BigCommerce platform for a redesigned website with custom sections.

Home Page Customization

Implementing a customized brand filter on the homepage for effective product filtering.

Platform Synchronization

Need to establish a connection between BigCommerce and Netsuite to ensure synchronization of products and categories.


Customized Design Implementation
  • Creation of a custom BigCommerce widget, enabling specific design sections. Subsequent redesign of the homepage and product page with the amalgamation of the theme and custom widget.
Brand Filter Integration
  • Leveraged the BigCommerce API to filter products, showcasing results aligned with user input.
Netsuite Connector
  • Installation of the Netsuite connector and formulation of specific rules to align product attributes with Netsuite fields, ensuring seamless syncing of products and categories.


Visually Appealing Design

Through a blend of custom BigCommerce widgets and theme redesign, we unveiled a more contemporary and user-friendly website interface, ensuring Cartridges Direct remains competitive in the online marketplace.

Enhanced User Experience

The integration of the customized brand filter on the homepage expedited the product search process, providing customers with a more streamlined and intuitive shopping experience.

Seamless Syncing

Successfully connecting BigCommerce with Netsuite ensured that products and categories remained consistent across both platforms, which led to increased operational efficiency and reduced chances of discrepancies.

Operational Streamlining

The consistent synchronization between the website and Netsuite not only guaranteed accurate product listings but also minimized the administrative efforts, reducing the risk of potential errors.

Cartridge product page
Cartridge product page
About Cartridge page

Our journey with ZealousWeb has been transformative. From the initial discussions to the final deliverables, their commitment to bring our vision to life was evident. The new design resonates with our brand identity, and the custom solutions have tremendously simplified our backend processes. The seamless Netsuite integration is nothing short of a game-changer for our operations. Kudos to the team for their exceptional work!

Simon Williams, Cartridges Direct
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