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Transforming D’vash Organics’ Online Presence With ZealousWeb

Name of the client : David Czinn

Based in Los Angeles, D’vash Organics is the leading purveyor of fruit-based nectars and syrups in the US retail market. We harness nature’s goodness to bring you healthy and delicious alternatives to sugar, honey, and agave that can be used to sweeten tea and coffee, marinate meat, fish, and poultry, drizzle on pancakes or waffles, dress salads, and bake incredible desserts. All of our products are vegan, paleo-friendly, non-GMO, and have no added sugar.

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Technical Glitches Impacting User Experience

Technical bugs on the website led to glitches, undermining the user experience and hampering visitor interaction.

Loading Speed And High Bounce Rates

Slow website loading speed discouraged visitors, causing them to leave the site before exploring the products, resulting in high bounce rates.

Outdated User Interface And Experience

Despite having trendy products, the website lacked a modern and appealing user interface, failing to resonate with the latest design trends and user expectations.

Persistent SEO Compatibility Issues

Constant SEO compatibility problems affected the website’s visibility and search engine rankings, hindering brand exposure and revenue growth.


Comprehensive Bug Fixes And Quality Assurance
  • Identified and fixed all technical bugs, broken links, and form issues, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for visitors. Rigorous testing and updates were implemented to maintain quality standards.
Speed Optimization Through Plugins
  • Integrated speed optimization plugins to enhance website performance. Vulnerabilities were addressed, and patches were released to optimize loading times, leading to improved visitor engagement and increased lead generation.
Redesigned User-Friendly Interface
  • Completely overhauled the website’s design, incorporating attractive graphics and ensuring full responsiveness. The new design aligned with the latest trends, creating an engaging and visually appealing user experience.
SEO Education And Implementation
  • Provided SEO education and implemented necessary changes to resolve compatibility issues. Enhanced search engine optimization strategies were applied to boost the website’s visibility and attract organic traffic.
Device Testing And Regression Testing
  • Conducted extensive testing across multiple devices to validate design, performance, and functional requirements. Regression testing ensured that all aspects of the website continued to function flawlessly after changes were made.


Modern And Responsive Website Design

The website underwent a complete transformation, featuring a modern and responsive design with added graphics and animations, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Improved Loading Speed And User Experience

Speed optimization plugins significantly reduced loading times, leading to a drastic reduction in bounce rates. Visitors experienced smoother navigation, resulting in increased leads and higher purchase rates.

Enhanced SEO And Visibility

Resolved SEO compatibility issues, improving the website’s visibility in Google searches. This increase in visibility attracted more organic traffic, contributing to higher brand exposure and revenue growth.

Stability And Bug-Free Performance

The website became stable, bug-free, and fully updated, ensuring a seamless user experience across various devices. New plugin installations made the site more user-friendly and efficient.

D'vash Organics home page
D'vash Organics product list page
D'vash Organics product page

I, David Czinn, wholeheartedly applaud ZealousWeb for their transformative work on D’vash Organics’ online platform. Addressing technical glitches, sluggish website performance, and SEO challenges, they rejuvenated user interactions and revenue streams. The team’s adeptness refined the site for an impeccable user journey, with the revamp, infused with striking visuals, echoing our brand’s spirit. Their SEO strategies notably boosted our Google visibility. The culmination? A modern, aesthetically pleasing, and glitch-free platform with heightened lead generation and conversions. For anyone seeking stellar web development and SEO expertise, I can’t recommend ZealousWeb enough. Their commitment has been pivotal for D’vash Organics.

David Czinn, D’vash Organics
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