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Name of the client : Nicole Ritchie

QuickFit Blinds & Curtains, steered by CEO Nicole Ritchie, strives for a superior online shopping experience by offering quality products at affordable rates. They identified challenges like the need for dynamic pricing based on product dimensions, integrating genuine third-party reviews, and enabling customers to sample products. They sought solutions to strengthen their online reputation and enhance customer engagement.

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Dynamic Price Calculator

Quickfit required a sophisticated price calculator for Blinds and Curtains, allowing dynamic pricing based on width and height. Custom pricing algorithms needed to be implemented based on admin settings.

Integrate Third-Party Reviews

Quickfit wanted to incorporate third-party reviews and ratings seamlessly into their product schema to enhance customer trust.

Free Sample Products

To provide a risk-free shopping experience, Quickfit aimed to introduce free sample products for Blinds and Curtains and allow customers to order them online.


Dynamic Price Calculator
  • To address the pricing challenge, we developed a custom app for Quickfit. This app implemented a dynamic price calculator, factoring in width and height. We collaborated with BigCommerce API to set product prices based on the custom pricing algorithm defined by the admin. This allowed Quickfit to offer transparent and accurate pricing for their customers.
Integrate Third-Party Reviews
  • We integrated a third-party review API into Quickfit’s website, enabling seamless addition of reviews and ratings to product listings. This feature enhanced customer trust and confidence in Quickfit’s products.
Free Sample Products
  • To facilitate risk-free shopping, we created free sample products for Quickfit’s main product range. These free samples were prominently featured on the website, and customers were given the option to easily order them online. This not only improved the shopping experience but also allowed customers to physically assess product quality before making a purchase.


Enhanced Pricing Transparency

The implementation of the custom price calculator revolutionized Quickfit’s pricing strategy. Customers now experience transparent and accurate pricing for Blinds and Curtains, thanks to the dynamic calculations based on width and height. This pricing innovation resulted in increased customer trust and satisfaction.

Improved Customer Trust

The seamless integration of third-party reviews and ratings into the product schema significantly enhanced customer trust and confidence in Quickfit’s products. Shoppers can now make informed decisions based on real user experiences, further bolstering the brand’s reputation.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

The introduction of free sample products marked a significant improvement in the shopping experience. Customers can now order risk-free samples online, allowing them to physically assess product quality before making a purchase. This feature not only reduces purchase hesitation but also leads to more confident and satisfied customers.

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Partnering with ZealousWeb has been transformative for our business. We faced significant challenges in providing accurate pricing, integrating reviews, and offering risk-free shopping. ZealousWeb developed a custom price calculator that revolutionized the way we price our products. The integration of third-party reviews has instilled trust in our brand, and the introduction of free sample products has drastically improved the shopping experience. We couldn’t be happier with the results and the impact on our bottom line.

Nicole Ritchie, CEO of Quickfit Blinds & Curtains
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