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Name of the client : Jason Simmons

DeadSoxy, led by Jason Simmons, sought to enhance its digital reach in the premium socks industry. They aimed to modernize their e-commerce store on BigCommerce, improve their website’s aesthetics and functionality, and introduce a subscription model. Facing the intricacies of these tasks, DeadSoxy enlisted expert assistance to ensure a seamless, impactful transition.

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Store Version Upgrade

DeadSoxy needed to upgrade its e-commerce store to the latest V3 version of BigCommerce to leverage new features and improve overall performance.

Stencil Theme Upgrade

The existing theme required an upgrade to ensure compatibility with the V3 store version and to fix design and functionality issues.

Subscription Product Implementation

DeadSoxy aimed to introduce subscription-based products to enhance customer retention and recurring revenue.


Store Version Upgrade
  • To tackle the challenge of upgrading the store to the V3 version of BigCommerce, our team leveraged the platform’s API capabilities. We meticulously migrated the store catalog, preserving product data, categories, and customer information. This upgrade laid the foundation for a more robust and feature-rich online store.
Stencil Theme Upgrade
  • To address the theme upgrade and issue-fixing, our experts downloaded the existing theme and conducted a comprehensive overhaul. We ensured seamless compatibility with the V3 store version while resolving design and functionality issues. Custom changes were implemented to enhance the user experience and align with DeadSoxy’s brand identity.
Subscription Product Implementation
  • Implementing subscription products required a sophisticated approach. We utilized the Rebilla script and harnessed the capabilities of product options within BigCommerce. This allowed us to seamlessly introduce subscription-based products to DeadSoxy’s catalog. Customers could now enjoy the convenience of recurring sock deliveries while DeadSoxy benefited from increased customer retention and predictable revenue streams.


Enhanced Store Performance

The upgrade to the V3 version of BigCommerce significantly improved the store’s performance, resulting in faster load times and a smoother shopping experience for customers.

Improved User Experience

The Stencil theme upgrade and issue fixes enhanced the website’s visual appeal and functionality. DeadSoxy’s customers enjoyed an improved and more intuitive browsing and shopping experience.

Successful Subscription Implementation

The introduction of subscription-based products proved highly successful. DeadSoxy witnessed an increase in customer loyalty as shoppers opted for recurring sock deliveries. This subscription model added a predictable revenue stream to the company’s income.

Deadsoxy Home page
Deadsoxy Product list page
Deadsoxy Product page

Working with ZealousWeb has been a game-changer for DeadSoxy. The upgrade to the V3 version of BigCommerce elevated our store’s performance, delivering faster load times and a seamless shopping experience. Our customers are delighted. The Stencil theme upgrade not only improved aesthetics but also made our website more intuitive and functional. Customers are enjoying an enhanced shopping journey. The introduction of subscription-based products was a remarkable success. We’ve seen a surge in customer loyalty as they embrace recurring sock deliveries, creating a reliable revenue stream. ZealousWeb has surpassed our expectations, turning challenges into opportunities. Their expertise and results are outstanding.

Jason Simmons, CEO, DeadSoxy
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