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Boosting Seasonal Fashion Sales: Meet Bernard’s Success With Targeted PPC

Name of the client : Ryan Chandler

With the objective to uplift and sustain the PPC campaign for Spring/Summer fashion periods and enhance sales for the Autumn/Winter collection, Meet Bernard entrusted the task to our expert hands. The mission was to strengthen the brand’s digital presence, specifically targeting their South East London store location, while managing a vast product range and ensuring efficient budget allocation across multiple campaigns.

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Seasonal PPC Campaigns

Launching and maintaining the PPC campaign for the Spring/Summer fashion periods for both men and women.

Product Management

Coordinating with Google Merchant Center to provide and maintain a feed for Shopify campaigns with 500+ products.

Sales Enhancement

Increasing the sales of men’s and women’s fashion products in alignment with the brand lists provided by the client.

Brand Awareness

Elevating brand awareness to drive traffic to both the website and the physical store in South East London.

Location-Based Campaigning

Enhancing a search campaign to incorporate postcode targeting for the Autumn/Winter collection and brand awareness within a constrained budget.


Product Categorization
  • Products were successfully categorized based on anticipated seasonal demand, allowing for tailored feed customization.
Sales Offers
  • Introduced specific promotions and deals tailored to attract and engage a broader audience segment.
Remarketing And Segmentation
  • Implemented a precise remarketing strategy by segmenting audiences based on brand preference and spending capacity.
Geo Targeted Campaigning
  • Crafted a campaign strategy specifically centered on postal codes, aiming to heighten brand awareness and increase store visits.
Integrated Marketing Approach
  • Merged offline marketing campaign strategies with display ad content, targeting audiences based on their specific postal codes.
Shopify Feed Optimization
  • Ensured multiple products were catered to simultaneously through efficient optimization of the Shopify feed utilized for the campaign.
Traffic Boost With Remarketing
  • Achieved a notable increase in website visits through the employed remarketing strategy.


Boosted Sales

Witnessed a 25% increase in sales for both the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections, surpassing initial projections.

Enhanced Brand Recognition

Achieved a 40% uptick in brand awareness within the targeted South East London location, as measured by brand-related search queries and direct website visits.

Increased Store Footfall

The geo targeted campaigns led to a 30% rise in store visits from the targeted postcodes for the Autumn/Winter collection launch.

Optimized ROI

By fine-tuning ad campaigns and strategies, there was a 35% improvement in the return on advertising spend (ROAS) across all campaigns.

Engagement Growth

The website’s engagement metrics, including average session duration and pages per session, saw a positive surge of 20%, indicating higher user interest and interaction with the brand.

meetbernard home page
meetbernard product page
meetbernard product page

Working with ZealousWeb has been a transformative experience for Meet Bernard. From the onset, their team demonstrated an in-depth understanding of our brand, our target audience, and our objectives. Their holistic approach to eCommerce paid advertisement not only revamped our PPC campaigns but also had tangible results that were evident in our sales and brand recognition. The collaboration with ZealousWeb provided us with a clear roadmap to success, and their expertise was pivotal in navigating the challenges of the digital landscape. I was particularly impressed with their adaptability, dedication, and the results-driven mindset they brought to our project. If you’re seeking a partner that is as committed to your success as you are, look no further than ZealousWeb. Their proficiency and passion are unparalleled, and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Ryan Chandler, Meet Bernard
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