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Revolutionizing Proptech: FPC Global’s Innovative Webflow Site By ZealousWeb

Name of the client : Vivek Mittal

FPC Global, a leader in the proptech industry, required an online platform that resonated with their standing as experts in facility life-cycle integrated consulting services. They sought a digital solution that would effectively represent their brand and specialized services to their global clientele. Being a notable name in the field, they required a website that not only showcased their expertise but also incorporated cutting-edge design and development standards.

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Winning The Project

Numerous IT agencies expressed their interest in collaborating with the FPC team, So our challenge was to win this project.

Collaborating With Multiple Decision-Makers From FPC

In most cases, we engage with one or two individuals on the client side. However, with FPC, we worked closely with multiple highly skilled experts, tailoring our efforts to match their expertise.

Website Design And Development

For our inaugural project within the webflow, we aimed to create a distinct and innovative layout in line with current market trends. Our Webflow development featured seamless animations and interactions, enhancing the user experience.


Team Collaboration
  • Our journey with FPC Global marked our initiation into a project involving a large team where every member was a decision-maker. The success of our collaborative efforts owed much to the FPC team’s solid grasp of web development, as well as their receptiveness to our tech suggestions.
Unique Web Design
  • We embarked on a quest to design an innovative layout for FPC Global that would not only be visually compelling but also user-centric. Through Webflow, we harnessed its advanced features to birth a website adorned with eye-catching effects, dynamic animations, and interactive elements.
Engaging Video Content
  • A pivotal feature we introduced was a video that found pride of place in the homepage’s hero section. This video, curated with precision, provided a concise overview of the services FPC Global offers, serving as a quick guide for users.


Successful Team Dynamics

Our venture with FPC Global stands out as a testament to effective team collaboration. Navigating the challenge of satisfying a multi-faceted team of decision-makers, our synergy with FPC was underpinned by mutual respect and understanding.

Distinctive Web Presence

FPC Global’s new website, enriched with a unique design and powered by Webflow’s functionalities, has set it apart in the digital realm. The amalgamation of responsive animations and interactions augments the user experience manifold.

Enhanced User Engagement

The integration of an informative video, encapsulating FPC’s array of services, has bolstered user engagement, ensuring they are abreast of FPC’s offerings right from the homepage.

FPC Global Home page
FPC Global Product page
FPC Global Product page

Engaging with ZealousWeb for our digital solution was a step in the right direction. From the outset, their professionalism, innovative approach, and dedication to delivering top-tier results were apparent. Despite our complex requirements and multiple stakeholders, they seamlessly blended our expertise with their design and development prowess, culminating in a website we’re proud of. The added touch of an introductory video further captures the essence of FPC’s services. We’re grateful for the ZealousWeb team’s commitment and highly recommend them for any intricate web projects.

Vivek Mittal, FPC Global
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