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Gastro Import: Seamless eCommerce Experience Across Currencies And Languages

Name of the client : Albin Nystedt

Gastro Import is a leading name in the import industry, known for its expansive reach in the global marketplace. However, as they expanded their footprint across different regions, the need for a multilingual, multicurrency website became imperative. With this, the challenge was not just to present a unified brand image but to cater to diverse customer bases with distinct preferences and buying behaviors.

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Multifaceted Configuration

The task of configuring multiple currencies and languages, incorporating multiple store views each having distinct URLs.

Third-Party Integration

Need for a seamless integration with the third-party tool, Akeneo, for synchronizing products and categories.

Website Optimization

Customization of filters and enhancement of website speed to provide a smooth user experience.

Varied Store Designs

Achieving distinct layouts and aesthetics based on the specific store.


Store View Customization
  • Development of different store views with a custom switcher in the frontend to facilitate store changes.
Language Plugin Customization
  • Implementation of the built-in language plugin and its subsequent customization to cater to different languages.
Filter Optimization
  • Development of dependent filter options. By leveraging Magento’s indexer, we enhanced product filtering, significantly improving the site’s speed.
Diverse Store Designs
  • For each store view, tailored layouts were designed to resonate with the respective target audience, ensuring brand consistency while catering to regional preferences.


Unified Yet Customized User Experience

Despite the complexities introduced by multi-currency and multi-language features, a cohesive yet tailored user experience was delivered across all store views.

Seamless Third-Party Integration

The Akeneo integration led to efficient and real-time product and category synchronization, reducing manual input and error margins.

Optimized Speed & Interactivity

With enhanced filters and speed optimization techniques, the site’s responsiveness and user interactivity saw significant improvement, leading to a decrease in bounce rates.

Tailored Storefronts

Each regional storefront not only looked distinct but also resonated with the local audience’s preferences, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

Gastro Import Home Page
Gastro Import Product Page
Gastro Import Product Page

We approached the project with a vision but were astounded by how the team transformed it into reality. The seamless integration of multiple languages and currencies, combined with the site’s impressive speed, has been a game-changer for us. Their ability to maintain our brand’s essence while catering to regional nuances is commendable. A truly exceptional job!

Albin Nystedt, Gastro Import
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