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Enhancing eCommerce Reach: Building A Seamless Shopify Mobile App For Valabasas

Name of the client : Gordon Frayne

Gordon Frayne, the owner of a Shopify store, sought to expand his business to the mobile platform. Seeking a cost-effective and timely solution, he approached us to develop a Flutter-based mobile app that seamlessly integrates with his existing Shopify store. The challenge was to create a mobile app that reflects the website’s functionalities while optimizing costs and development time.

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Shopify Integration Through GraphQL

Integrating the Shopify store seamlessly using GraphQL presented technical complexities.

Integration Of 3rd-Party Shopify Plugins

Incorporating third-party plugins for Rating, Wishlist, and Chat functionalities into the Flutter app posed integration challenges.


Shopify Integration
  • Implemented a robust solution using GraphQL to seamlessly connect the mobile app with the client’s Shopify store, ensuring real-time data synchronization.
3rd-Party Plugin Integration
  • Developed custom solutions to integrate third-party plugins for Rating, Wishlist, and Chat functionalities, providing a unified and smooth user experience.


Seamless Functionality

The Flutter app replicated the functionalities of the Shopify store seamlessly, providing a consistent user experience.

Cost Reduction

By utilizing Flutter for cross-platform development and optimizing the integration process, we achieved significant cost reduction for the client.

Timely Delivery

The project was completed within the stipulated time frame, meeting the client’s expectations for a swift development cycle.

Valabasas Home Page
Valabasas Product Page
Valabasas Product Page

Gordon Frayne, Our decision to collaborate on the Shopify Mobile App project with Zealousweb was a strategic one. Their expertise in Flutter and GraphQL, coupled with their problem-solving approach, made the development process smooth. The final product not only met but exceeded our expectations, contributing to the success of our mobile venture.

Gordon Frayne, Valabasas
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