Kat Europe - Quality And Price In Catalytic Converters And Particulate Filters

Kat Europe – Quality And Price In Catalytic Converters And Particulate Filters

Name of the client : Raul Arana

Kateurope, a leading player in catalytic converters and particulate filters, recognized the limitations of their Magento 1 platform and desired a transformation that not only migrated their vast data but also revamped their digital appearance. With an emphasis on superior UI and a seamless multi-language user experience, Kateurope aimed to consolidate their online market position and cater to a diverse global clientele.

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Data Migration

Seamless transition from Magento 1 to Magento 2 without data loss.

Website Redesign

An enhanced UI in Magento 2, surpassing the design aesthetics of the Magento 1 site.

Customized Filtering

Introducing filters specific to brand and equipment.

Multi-Dimensional Integration

Incorporating multi-website capabilities and ensuring multi-language compatibility.


Migration Strategy
  • Leveraged Magento’s in-built data migration tool to transfer data from Magento 1. Any errors arising from third-party extensions or developmental discrepancies were rectified.
Design Overhaul
  • Kateurope’s digital storefront in Magento 2 was given a fresh appearance. By creating a child theme, all templates and static content were overridden to reflect the brand’s ethos.
Custom Filtering Mechanism
  • Introduced a tailor-made filter, rooted in the category tree, complemented by custom product attributes and SKUs.
Multi-Language And Multi-Website Integration
  • Incorporated a ready-made plugin for language translations, supplementing it with custom theme translations. Multiple website setups were also initiated, each catering to specific currencies and regional preferences.


Migration Success

Accomplished a flawless transition to Magento 2, ensuring data integrity and consistency.

Redesigned User Experience

Kateurope’s new design captivates visitors, translating to improved user engagement and retention.

Enhanced Product Discovery

The custom filters facilitate easier product discovery, ensuring users find what they need effortlessly.

Global Outreach

With multi-language and multi-website capabilities, Kateurope can now cater to a broader and diverse international audience.

Kateurope catalyst and particles
Kateurope brand filters
Kateurope pricelist

Our transition to Magento 2 was pivotal for Kateurope’s growth. The team’s expertise ensured we not only migrated seamlessly but also reinvented our online presence. The new design resonates with our brand, and the enhanced features have significantly improved our customer experience. We are now more equipped than ever to serve our global customers. A heartfelt thank you to the team for making this transformation possible!

Raul Arana, Kateurope
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