KEF Direct: Transitioning To Shopify With Enhanced User Experience

KEF Direct: Transitioning To Shopify With Enhanced User Experience

Name of the client : Christopher Felton

KEF Direct, renowned for its top-tier audio products, aimed to bolster its online presence by migrating its platform from Magento to Shopify. They envisioned an agile, swift, and intuitive site that not only facilitates seamless browsing and purchase but also integrates specific features such as a dealer location page. This overhaul would cement KEF Direct’s position as a tech-forward brand, ready to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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Platform Migration

Transitioning from Magento to Shopify while ensuring data integrity and seamless user experience.

Dealer Locator Enhancement

Introducing a dealer location page with advanced filters and an integrated search mechanism.

Performance Boosting

Addressing website speed and optimizing for maximum efficiency.


Migration Strategy
  • Deployed the Matrixify Shopify app for data import and devised a custom script in Magento tailored to Matrixify app’s format for flawless data export.
Custom Dealer Locator
  • Developed a bespoke app for the dealer location page, enhancing it with Google Maps integration and distance-based filtering capabilities.
Speed Optimization
  • Amplified website speed by image optimization, jQuery code refinement, and minification of CSS and JS files to hasten their load times.


Smooth Migration

Successful platform transition with zero data loss, ensuring uninterrupted business operations and user experience.

Intuitive Dealer Locator

An advanced dealer location page facilitating users to effortlessly find dealers in their proximity.

Swift Web Experience

Noticeably faster website loading times, ensuring users enjoy a smooth and responsive browsing experience.

KEF Direct Home page
KEF Direct
KEF Direct

The transformation of our website has been nothing short of remarkable. The team’s meticulous attention to every detail, from the complex migration process to speed optimization, has given KEF Direct a competitive edge in the digital space. We’re especially impressed with the intuitive dealer locator. The professionalism and expertise exhibited by the team have truly made this collaboration a success.

Christopher Felton, KEF Direct
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