KEF Mexico is an online store for electronic products and well known for its innovative, high-performance loudspeakers. The website has all the significant features of an e-commerce store and stands at the upper edges of the e-commerce market.

Work We Are Proud Of

Developing an eCommerce platform for KEF Mexico that delivers an efficient response to its buyers, flexible for its customers, eases buying process, fresh and elegant user interface, and manages the inventory at the backend smoothly.

Increased sales
Flexible control panel
Fully responsive


Though KEF Mexico delivers quality loudspeakers and has a well-established reputation, working for a strong online presence globally and ensuring their clients and customers about the product quality was crucial.

  • We had to display a large number of products with different categories, and also, at the same time, we had to keep the structure less complicated and easy to browse.
  • Accomplishing all the e-commerce features such as product categories, listing, details, filtering, and sorting, comparing products, cart management, locating dealers, and providing their exact details was essential to keep the users engaged throughout their shopping experience.
  • Also, providing a fully flexible and manageable backend control panel to the store managers to manage the inventory was vital for the website.


The website we designed has a rich and engaging user interface with the elements’ adequately designed structure, keeping it simple to navigate throughout.

  • The users can register themselves and create accounts to maintain their profile, access all the order details, browse different electrical products displayed, wishlist them, and shop for the latest products from the website.
  • We implemented the advanced search functionality and sorting and filter options to get the optimum result and keep the users updated with the best seller and new products.
  • We integrated a secured payment gateway for KEF Mexico to ensure safe transactions for the users and a reliable shopping experience.
  • We have also kept the admin control panel manageable and customizable for the store managers to modify the website content and manage inventory easily.


Due to the website’s significant features and its popularity, KEF Mexico experienced an increase in its sales.

  • Due to the dealer locator on the website, the stores were easily noticeable, and it increased the number of people visiting the stores to shop the products.
  • With a robust online presence, KEF Mexico was prosperous in achieving a better reach to global customers.
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