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Revitalizing Magazine Jukebox’s Online Presence With ZealousWeb Technologies

Name of the client : John Toraason

Magazine Jukebox is the pro-active, the 1st company to come with such a great innovation. They want a perfect website so that they get happy and loyal clients. Their previously developed website was improper and having issues because of that they were failing in some terms. It is the first digital magazine service that requires no app.

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Double WordPress Websites And Confusion

Presence of two WordPress websites and double admin accounts led to confusion, affecting payment processes and client communication.

Technical Bugs And Glitches Impacting User Experience

Technical issues caused glitches, diminishing user experience and leaving visitors frustrated.

Email Communication Disruptions

Due to the double admin setup, emails were not sent or received correctly, leading to communication breakdowns.

Misleading Call-To-Action And Navigation

Malfunctioning Call-To-Action buttons and links redirected clients to wrong pages, causing confusion and leading to premature exits from the site.


Website Consolidation And Admin Account Organization
  • Merged data from two WordPress websites into one, streamlined the admin accounts, reducing confusion and ensuring seamless payment processing.
Correcting Links And Forms
  • Rectified broken links, added accurate redirections, and fixed forms, enhancing user experience and providing visitors with relevant and precise information.
SMTP Implementation For Email Communication
  • Implemented SMTP (The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to resolve email communication issues, ensuring both owners and clients could send and receive mails promptly.
Comprehensive Testing And Quality Assurance
  • Conducted thorough testing across multiple devices, including regression testing, to ensure design, performance, and functionality met all requirements, guaranteeing a bug-free and user-friendly experience.


Stable And Bug-Free Website

The website became stable, free from bugs and glitches, providing a seamless experience for users, resolving issues related to user-friendliness, email communication, and frozen leads.

Consolidation And Clarity

Merging the two WordPress websites and admin accounts into one reduced confusion, enabling owners to focus on core issues, enhancing payment processes and client interactions.

Modern Design And Enhanced User Experience

Graphics, animations, and a responsive design were added, creating an aesthetically pleasing and engaging website. Corrected links provided accurate information, improving client trust and satisfaction.

Revenue Generation And Better Branding

By resolving issues related to user interaction and communication, the website attracted a broader client base, leading to increased revenue generation and improved branding for Magazine Jukebox.

Cross-Device Compatibility

Rigorous testing ensured the website operated flawlessly across various devices, catering to a diverse audience and enhancing accessibility.

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Hello, I am John Toraason, and I want to express my gratitude for your exceptional work on Magazine Jukebox. We faced significant challenges with our website – double WordPress sites, confusing admin accounts, broken links, and non-functional CTAs. ZealousWeb not only resolved these issues but also transformed our platform into a stable, user-friendly, and visually appealing space. The consolidation of WordPress sites, fixing broken links, and ensuring accurate redirections improved user experience and client engagement. Your dedication resulted in a bug-free, responsive website, enhancing our branding and revenue. I will definitely recommend ZealousWeb to others seeking top-quality web solutions.

John Toraason, Magazine Jukebox
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