Magazine Jukebox was brainstormed to serve the purpose of reading a magazine on the go with the ease of scanning a code being the first digital magazine that doesn’t require any app.

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Magazine Jukebox Growth Points with ZealousWeb

Being the First company to come up with such an innovative idea, their desire to have a perfect website aimed at having happy and loyal users. Their previous website was not up-to-the-mark hence were lacking in reaching their aim.

  • Technical Bugs and Glitches resulted in Poor User Experience
  • Due to having double WordPress Websites, there were 2 admin users and one Payment Gateway, it was way too confusing
  • Trouble sending and receiving emails
  • Website not justifying their business idea
  • Misleading/ Not Working CTA Buttons and Links
  • Lacked SEO Compatibility Factors
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Team ZealousWeb identified their issues and charted a well-defined timeline to implement solutions, organize better and revamp their current website to meet all the above requirements.

  • Single WordPress website was replaced with double websites without compromising their current data
  • Keeping one admin user for the payment gateway resulted in close to no confusion
  • We set up an SMTP to resolve the issue of sending and receiving emails
  • Added proper links and navigation to misleading CTA buttons and links
  • Tested the newly redesigned website on multiple devices and saw improvements in User experience, design, performance, and overall functionality
  • Communicated about benefits of SEO and their website is not SEO Friendly and Optimized for better results
  • Looking at the all-new revamped Magazine Jukebox’s website, we see that it justifies their creative business idea while complementing their branding and latest trends.


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Our experts at ZealousWeb took it as a challenge to make their website and hopes with Digital Transformation better. Took one step at a time and started to solve their problems one by one, starting with merging 2 websites into 1 without compromising data, to solve the payment gateway issue. Setting up SMTP so that they can receive and send important emails alongside communicating the advantages of SEO for a website to get good visibility on the internet. Magazine Jukebox’s new website does not have misleading navigation to CTAs alongside having improved User experience up to today’s standards.

All the hours, sweat, and blood that went into it certainly paid off when we heard Scott Janney and Lauren Janney (Founders of Magazine Jukebox) say “This is something that we expected” with a smile on their faces.

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