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Experience Abundance Through Mindful Living: Organo Damargidda

Name of the client : Rakesh Koti

Organo Damargidda, a project that emphasizes mindful living, sought to integrate a user-friendly map on their website, allowing visitors to interactively explore various locations. Their vision was to have a map that could provide comprehensive location information while being aesthetically pleasing and intuitive. Navigating the intricacies of customizing this map on the Webflow platform, especially with the unique features they envisioned, presented a series of challenges that needed expert solutions.

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Large Map Area In Section Viewport With A Slight Delay

Initially, the map should appear in a smaller size, but upon entering a designated map section, it should transition into a larger view.

Dragging Capability For The Map

Due to the map’s size, users needed the ability to navigate the design area within the map by dragging it using their mouse.

Displaying Location Descriptions On Mouse Hover

Users should receive location information when hovering over a specific point.

Changing The Color Of Particular Locations On Mouse Hover

When users hover over a specific point, the corresponding area’s color should change to green.


Map Customization
  • Despite the complexity of customizing the map in Webflow, we embraced the challenge and successfully achieved full customization of the map section to match the client’s preferences.
Enlarging The Map In The Viewport
  • The map will start off in a smaller size upon section load, but after a brief pause, it will smoothly transition into a larger view within the section.
Map Dragging Functionality
  • Recognizing the limitations of section dimensions, we implemented drag functionality, allowing users to explore the map within the fixed section size using their mouse.
Location Description And Color Change On Mouse Hover
  • When a user hovers over a particular location, a pop-up will display location information, and the location’s color will change to green.
Mobile Responsiveness
  • Adapting the map section for mobile devices, we optimized the user experience. Locations are presented in a slider format, with corresponding information displayed beneath the map. On mobile screens, the drag option was removed and replaced with next and previous arrows within the slider for easy navigation to desired locations.


Successful Customization

The map was fully customized in line with the client’s requirements, overcoming the inherent complexities in Webflow.

Dynamic Map Sizing

Users can now experience a seamless transition from a smaller map size to a larger view within the designated section, enhancing the user experience.

User-Friendly Drag Functionality

The addition of drag functionality via mouse input provides users with a convenient means of exploring the map within the confined section dimensions.

Enhanced User Interaction

The implementation of location descriptions and color changes on mouse hover adds an interactive element to the map, making it more informative and engaging for users.

Mobile Responsiveness

The map section was optimized for mobile devices, with a slider format that allows users to navigate locations easily, making it more user-friendly on smaller screens.

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Working with the team at ZealousWeb has been an enlightening experience. Their ability to take our unique requirements and manifest them into a functional and visually appealing map on our website exceeded our expectations. Their innovative approach to overcoming the challenges, especially on the Webflow platform, has been remarkable. The interactive and dynamic nature of the map has immensely elevated the user experience on our website. I would recommend ZealousWeb to anyone seeking sophisticated web solutions.

Rakesh Koti, Organo Damargidda
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