Revitalizing Digital Presence: Boosting Inquiries For Virtual Training Solutions

Name of the client : Dawn Haulter

Disti aimed to capture the attention of niche companies seeking virtual training solutions and HMI development tools. The primary goal was to boost inquiries and generate high-quality leads while operating within budget constraints and specifically targeting sectors like Aviation, Automotive, Defense, Medical, Space, and Tech.

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Lead Generation From Specific Channels

The main objective was to generate high-quality leads from niche companies, specifically through Google and Bing campaigns.

Budget Management

Managing budget constraints while targeting specific companies was challenging due to CPC considerations.

Keyword Optimization

The task of organically ranking for semantically matched keywords that often pulled in irrelevant audiences posed a significant concern.

Referral Traffic

Drawing referral traffic from a limited target audience was a hurdle.

Targeted Outreach

Identifying and attracting relevant companies across sectors such as Aviation, Automotive, Defense, Medical, Space, and Tech was paramount.


Ad Copy Tailoring
  • To attract niche companies, ad copies were specifically tailored for those seeking virtual training solutions or HMI development tools, resulting in the generation of highly qualified leads.
Keyword Quality Enhancement
  • Efforts were directed at enhancing the quality score of targeted keywords, which significantly improved both CPC and ad rank.
Retargeting Strategy
  • A robust retargeting strategy was deployed after segmenting the audience based on established industry-specific parameters.
SEO And Content Updates
  • Focus was placed on optimizing technical SEO elements, addressing core web vitals, and regularly updating the site with the latest news and case studies.
Content Marketing Campaigns
  • Strategic content marketing campaigns were initiated, drawing a substantial referral audience and increasing site traffic.


Organic Traffic Growth

A commendable increase in website traffic by 62% was achieved mainly through organic channels, thereby attracting a more refined user base.

Conversion Rate Elevation

The synergistic efforts of both paid campaigns and organic SEO tactics led to a 79% boost in conversion rates.

Referral Traffic Boost

Effective content marketing strategies yielded a remarkable 140% uptick in high-quality referral traffic.

Disti home page
Disti product page
Disti product page

Working with ZealousWeb has been a transformative experience for my business. Their expertise in SEO, combined with their mastery in paid campaigns, gave my virtual training solutions the visibility and traction they deserved. Their commitment to optimizing mobile user experience and their knack for content marketing truly sets them apart. I’ve seen a tangible difference in our lead generation and overall digital presence. I’m thankful for the dedication and passion the ZealousWeb team brought to the table, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to any business striving for digital excellence.

Dawn Haulter, Disti
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