Revolutionizing Advertising With Interactive Video Editing And Engagement: The YouShow Success Story

Name of the client : Federico Eines Levinton

Youshow is a software as a service (SaaS) marketing system following the B2B model aiming at organizations selling products and services. It’s a subscription based system where the businesses can direct their client to advertise on their behalf in exchange for rewards. Such deals are provided by businesses for example – cafes and restaurants, where if the client’s video advertisement passes through all the checks and is validated they’re further rewarded .

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Video/Ad Clip Editing And Representation

In any advertisement that revolves around video format, a lot of editing is required. YouShow aimed at providing a video editing platform from the website itself for customer’s ease.


Ad Stats

To check on how well an advertisement performs a video statistics page was necessary for improvements.


A Progressive Web App (PWA) is an app built for the web that provides an experience similar to a mobile app. The YouShow application must be a multi-platform offering the same services all the way.

Reward System

Developing a reward system for the users where they’ll be presented with a coupon for either discount/product if they fulfill deal requirements.


Video editing platform
  • A video editing platform was developed to provide total control over the video they recorded with their device, allowing them to time their intros, outros, add video frames, adjust audio tracks to improve overall appeal. Further features such as video templates, animations, customization of background color, filters, logo presentation and scaling were also added with the help of FFmepg.
  • YouShow was developed as a Progressive Web App (PWA) and intended to work on any platform with a standards-compliant browser, including desktop and mobile devices. Generated QR codes can also be used to access the said PWA.
Client Portal
  • In the client portals the users can see the amount of videos uploaded, can manage and see how many of them were shared and had unique visitors.
Fair Reward System and Sharing
  • Once the uploaded videos are fully verified by the system or the moderators a link is generated that can be shared to various social media platforms. Upon success the users are presented with a coupon code that can either be a discount or a free product.


A feature rich advertisement platform

With setting up deals with the users in exchange for rewards, YouShow made advertisement for businesses a lot easier by letting their customers do it for them.

Content creation and handling

The business’s customers can upload their videos which act as publicity material in exchange for rewards. The content team has access to a fully fledged editing system where they can edit to their heart’s desire.

Reaching a wider audience

YouShow has multi-lingual support thanks to the usage of Google’s Translation API.

YouShow Home Page
YouShow Product Page
YouShow Product Page

Collaborating with ZealousWeb on the YouShow project has been a game-changer for our advertising approach. Their expertise in developing a comprehensive video editing platform has revolutionized how our clients create and share advertisements. The implementation of YouShow as a Progressive Web App (PWA) has been instrumental in providing a seamless, multi-platform experience, while the client portal offers valuable insights into video performance. Perhaps most importantly, the fair reward system ZealousWeb developed has significantly enhanced user engagement, motivating our clients to actively participate in advertising. Their solution to content creation and management, coupled with the ability to reach a wider audience through multi-lingual support, has elevated our platform to new heights. ZealousWeb’s innovative approach and technical prowess have not only met but exceeded our expectations, making YouShow a robust and user-friendly advertising platform.

Federico Eines Levinton, YouShow
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