ZealousWeb's 20th Anniversary Tour

Recharging In Nature’s Arms: ZealousWeb’s 20th Anniversary Company Trip

December 17, 2023

Like every year, Zealousians took a break from their routine work life to refresh themselves by spending time in nature’s arms and returning refreshed, lively and charged up at work. This time, the excitement was 2x as we celebrated our 20th Anniversary in a grandeur style on the trip.


We were energized and rejuvenated at Padmini Bagh Resort, which is also the location for the magnificent 20th Anniversary CelebrationUdaipur313001

ZealousWeb respects the need to maintain an appropriate balance between work life, personal life, and enjoyment. Hence, we plan a company trip annually to give our employees an escape from reality in a serene environment to untie themselves from all worries of work and personal life.

They enjoyed mental peace, me time, bonding with colleagues over games, food, and making merry. Doesn’t that sound like a parallel universe where we enjoy every moment in nature’s arms and have no thoughts or stress about the external world?

It’s like a dream bubble for Zealousians, where we are far from the fast-paced and pressured life of the corporate world. You can feel the happiness on individuals’ faces coming from within the inner state of mind, which is delighted and enchanted with this joyous time far from daily professional life.

Event Highlight

  • What made this trip more memorable was the proud achievement of the 20th Anniversary, which was celebrated with a DJ Evening, Dance, Snacks, Drinks, and Laughter.
  • We also played the Housie game and discovered new talents who never came into the limelight in routine work life. It was an incredible scene to see individuals stepping up and actively participating in the game.
  • This trip was not just a company outing; it was a magical two days that strengthened the internal department’s team bonding, making new friends, and overcoming fears of being anti-social and public interaction.

Moreover, this 20th-anniversary trip is our testament to enhancing our employees’ overall quality of work life and well-being.

Nonetheless, this trip showed us that spending time in nature, far from the professional world, is not just a tour; it is a necessity to reflect upon ourselves and become mentally relaxed. Post-trip, we experienced a significant boost in our productivity as individuals worked with more enthusiasm and a fresh mind.

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