ZealousWeb Diwali celebration

Celebrating The Festival Of Lights: ZealousWeb’s Diwali Bash

October 21, 2022

This Diwali at ZealousWeb wasn’t just about lights and sweets; it was a celebration of the ZealousWeb family.


Abhishree Complex, 304, Satellite Rd, opp. Star India Bazaar Ahmedabad380015

Diwali at ZealousWeb was an absolute blast this year! You know how we are about our festivals—we enthusiastically celebrate all cultural festivals, and Diwali 2022 was no different. Our entire office had a festive makeover, everyone lighting up with smiles, colors, and some seriously cool Indian vibes.

Our HR team, bless them, kicked off many fun activities. We had everyone diving into Diwali treats (yep, the food was as amazing as it sounds) and getting down with a Rangoli session. And let me tell you, we all showed up in our Indian ethnic best – we were turning heads in our office! The cherry on top? Everyone rocked a “Paghri,” those super majestic Indian turbans giving us all sorts of royal feels.

Event Highlight

  • HR-Initiated Fun Activities: Various fun activities were organized, including delicious Diwali treats and a rangoli session.
  • Ethnic Dress Code: Everyone dressed in Indian ethnic wear adding to the festive atmosphere.
  • Paghri Selfies: Wearing “Paghri,” an Indian heritage turban, and clicking pictures was a highlight, giving everyone royal vibes.
  • Diversity And Unity: The celebration highlighted ZealousWeb’s commitment to diversity and unity, making the virtual event a symbol of connection and familial warmth.

Our office Diwali celebration was like a big, warm, ZealousWeb family get-together.
We’re all about embracing diversity and pushing for the good stuff – knowledge over ignorance, light over darkness. And this Diwali, even though we were apart, it felt more connected than ever. It’s pretty cool how a festival can remind us we’re all in this together, making ZealousWeb not just a place to work but a family to celebrate with.

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Team group photo
Kandarp Bhatt, Vishal Bhatt & Keyur Dave with Zealousians
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Developer’s team