Elan 2020

Elan 2020: The Red Carpet Rolls Out For Awards & Dazzling Entertainment

March 02, 2020

ELAN ZealousWeb 2020 was a celebration unlike any other, marked by a vibrant display of talent, camaraderie, and unity. The event started with the ceremonial lighting of diyas, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness and the beginning of a joyous journey ahead. Led by esteemed leaders Mr. Keyur Dave, Mr. Kandarp Bhatt, and Mr. Vishal Bhatt, the opening ceremony radiated warmth and positivity, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.


Nehru Foundation For Development, Sargam Marg, Thaltej Tekra Ahmedabad380054

Held at the prestigious Nehru Foundation venue, ELAN ZealousWeb 2020 brought together employees, clients, and stakeholders in a spirit of togetherness and collaboration. Formalities were meticulously fulfilled, paying homage to tradition while embracing the innovative spirit that defines ZealousWeb.

Beyond a mere showcase of talent, ELAN 2020 became a familial revelry for ZealousWeb. The stage radiated with a dazzling fashion show, spirited dance performances, and poignant speeches, each encapsulating the essence of our organizational culture and the exceptional individuals who define it.

Event Highlight

  • Diverse Showcases: Fashion shows, singing performances, solo dance performances, group dances, and speeches epitomized ZealousWeb’s vibrant culture.
  • Energetic Performances: Colleagues transformed into performers, resonating with camaraderie.
  • Collective Applause: Celebrating dedication, passion, and accomplishments of team members.
  • Heartfelt Homage: ELAN 2020 paid tribute to the extraordinary individuals crafting ZealousWeb’s success story.

The event surged with electrifying energy as colleagues seamlessly metamorphosed into performers, weaving a tapestry of talent and teamwork. The air reverberated with camaraderie, leaving everyone enthralled and genuinely inspired. The night progressed with emotional tributes, acknowledging and rewarding individuals for their extraordinary contributions. ELAN 2022 was more than a celebration of success; it was a sincere tribute to the people who breathed life into that success.

Join us in a collective applause for the dedication, passion, and accomplishments of our team members, celebrated with well-deserved recognition and rewards. ELAN 2020 transcended beyond organizational triumph; it was a heartfelt homage to the extraordinary individuals who authored this captivating success story.

Image Gallery

Mr. Vishal Bhatt, Mr. Keyur Dave & Mr. Kandarp Bhatt opening ceremony
Audience cheering
Fashion show
Applauding the performances
Achievement awards
Audiences enjoying ELAN 2020
Dance performance by the team
ELAN 2020 Performances