Zealompics 2019

Zealompics 2019: Fostering Unity And Fun At ZealousWeb’s Sports Day!

January 09, 2019

The scorching sun of Ahmedabad played witness to an extraordinary event on the hallowed grounds of Sprint – Zealompics 2019! It wasn’t just a sports day; it was a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of friendly competition, camaraderie, and pure, unadulterated fun.


3F8P+JG6, Shilaj Science City Road, Sardar Patel Ring RdAhmedabad380059

From the very first whistle, the energy crackled in the air. The echoes of thunderous applause accompanied the fierce but friendly battles on the cricket pitch. Relay races became a blur of determined sprints and joyous handoffs, each teammate cheering their lungs out for the next. The simple Lemon & Spoon race transformed into a hilarious spectacle of laughter and wobbly coordination, proving that sometimes, teamwork takes on a particularly wobbly, citrus-scented form!

Every game, every challenge, was a rallying cry that brought the ZealousWeb family closer. Cheers erupted from the sidelines, not just for teammates but for every display of athleticism and sportsmanship. The electric atmosphere fueled a healthy competitive spirit, pushing everyone to give their all, but it was ultimately the joy of participation that shone brightest.

Key Highlight

  • Thrilling Games: Cricket matches were fierce, relay races a blur of speed, and the Lemon & Spoon race brought laughter and teamwork.
  • Team Spirit: Every game brought the ZealousWeb family closer, with teammates and spectators supporting each other.
  • Healthy Competition: The atmosphere fueled a spirit of competition that pushed everyone to give their best.
  • Joy of Participation: Above all, everyone enjoyed being part of the games.
  • Victors Celebrated: Winning teams were awarded medals and trophies, but the true victory was the camaraderie built.
  • Celebration Of ZealousWeb Spirit: Zealompics wasn’t just about sports; it was about collaboration, resilience, and excellence.
  • Lasting Memories: The laughter, teamwork, and lessons learned will stay with participants long after the event.
  • Looking Forward: The Zealompics tradition is poised to continue with even more excitement in the future.

As the golden hues of the setting sun painted the sky, anticipation hung heavy in the air. Finally, the moment arrived – the crowning of the champions. The winning teams, adorned with gleaming medals and proudly holding their trophies, were the epitome of achievement. Yet, the true victory lay in the bonds forged on the playing field. It was a moment of immense pride, not just for the winners but for every single ZealousWeb member who had contributed to the day’s success.

Zealompics was much more than a day of athletic competition. It celebrated the ZealousWeb spirit – a spirit of collaboration, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence. The memories created, the laughter shared, and the lessons learned on the field will continue to resonate long after the final whistle blows. Here’s to an even more spectacular Zealompics in the years to come!

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Cricket Time
Men’s Lemon and Spoon Race