Christmas Celebration 2023

Jingle Bells And Code Smells: ZealousWeb’s Festive Christmas Party

December 25, 2023

“IT’SSSS TIMEEEEEEE”! The holiday season officially kicked off at ZealousWeb. Our office transforms into a wonderland, decked out in twinkling lights and shimmering ornaments.


Abhishree Complex, 304, Satellite Rd, opp. Star India BazaarAhmedabad380015

ZealousWeb family gathered in festive joy, armed with gifts and a spirit of giving that would make even Santa proud. Underneath the beautifully decorated Christmas tree, gifts were exchanged, each with a touch of mystery as colleagues embraced the tradition of giving anonymously. And guess who decided to join the party? None other than our Co-founder, Mr. Vishal Bhatt, who traded his usual role for that of the big man in red – Santa Claus himself!

The celebration wasn’t just about presents; it was about togetherness. We realized that the bonds we share with our colleagues are as crucial as the ones we have with family. It’s like one big, happy family, with more laptops and fewer family feuds over the remote control. The spotlight shines on the spirit of giving as colleagues engage in a Secret Santa exchange. The atmosphere resonates with laughter as individuals unwrap their considerate surprises, solidifying connections and nurturing a sense of camaraderie.

Highlighting the season’s spirit, this gathering underscored the joy of connections over material possessions, reinforcing our unique work-family culture.

Event Highlight

  • Secret Santa Gift Exchange: Colleagues surprised each other with anonymous gifts, fostering a spirit of giving and fun.
  • Mr. Vishal Bhatt As Santa Claus: ZealousWeb’s Co-founder added a festive touch by dressing up as Santa Claus!
  • Strengthening The Family Bond: The celebration highlighted the importance of colleagues as an extended family, creating stronger bonds.
  • Unwrapping Fun And Camaraderie: Exchanging surprise gifts and spending quality time together brought laughter, joy, and a stronger team spirit.
  • Celebrating What Matters Most: The focus went beyond material gifts, emphasizing the value of relationships and shared experiences.

ZealousWeb’s Christmas celebration isn’t just about presents and decorations; it’s about celebrating the importance of togetherness. It’s a day to acknowledge that our colleagues are more than just coworkers – they’re an extension of our family. It’s a day filled with laughter, shared experiences, and memories. Get a glimpse of our office Christmas celebration that made December at ZealousWeb merry and bright.

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