ZealousWeb Elan 2023

ELAN 2023 Awards: Celebrating Achievements With Glittering Entertainment

March 25, 2023

On May 18th, 2023, a buzz of anticipation filled the air at ZealousWeb. For a week, the excitement had been simmering, culminating on this day – the day of ELAN 2023. The energy crackled as over 100+ Zealousians gathered at the Nehru Foundation for Development, united by a shared purpose – to celebrate, connect, and be a part of something extraordinary.


Nehru Foundation For Development, Sargam Marg, Thaltej TekraAhmedabad380054

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed guests – Ms. Sangeetaji, Poonamji, Shri Arvind Amin (USA), Shri Mahendrakumar Bhatt, and Mr. Vishal Bhatt. Their presence added a touch of honor and inspiration to the already vibrant atmosphere.

This wasn’t just a showcase of talent; it was a celebration of the ZealousWeb family. From dazzling choreography to heartfelt speeches, every moment captured the essence of the organization’s culture and the incredible individuals who make it what it is.

Event Highlight

  • Guests Of Honor: The event featured esteemed guests, including Ms. Sangeetaji, Poonamji, Shri Arvind Amin (USA), Shri Mahendrakumar Bhatt, and Mr. Vishal
    Bhatt, adding prestige and inspiration.
  • Celebration Of Culture And Talent: This event showcases not just talent but also ZealousWeb’s vibrant culture through dazzling choreography and heartfelt
  • Performance And Camaraderie: The energy surged as colleagues took the stage, transforming into performers and captivating the audience with acts underscoring
    teamwork and camaraderie.
  • Recognition And Rewards: This was an emotional segment of the event; individuals were acknowledged and awarded for their significant contributions.
  • Overall Significance: ELAN 2023 celebrated not only organizational achievements but also the dedication, passion, and exceptional efforts of the team members, making it a memorable tribute to the extraordinary individuals who contribute to the company’s success.

The event witnessed an electrifying energy as colleagues transformed into performers, captivating the audience with their talent and teamwork. Each act resonated with camaraderie, leaving everyone inspired and thoroughly entertained. The event progressed with an emotional outpour as individuals were recognized and rewarded for their outstanding contributions. This event wasn’t just a celebration of success; it was a heartfelt tribute to the people who make that success possible.

Applaud the dedication, passion, and achievements of our team members as they are honored with well-deserved recognition and rewards for their outstanding contributions. ELAN 2023 wasn’t just a celebration of organizational success; it was a tribute to the extraordinary individuals who made it all possible.

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Achievers of ZealousWeb with Kandarp Bhatt & Vishal Bhatt
Zealousians with their awards, along with Mr. Vishal Bhatt
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