Hire Laravel developers for all your bespoke web solutions

Laravel is an unrivaled competitor for secured web development technology. Hire dedicated Laravel developers for competitive high-end solutions as per your business requirements.

Why opt for Laravel for your web development?

Sufficient authentication & authorization, a fixture of the system’s technical vulnerabilities, and extensive inbuilt libraries are just a few of the lucrative features that give Laravel an edge over the other open source technologies. To name a few, corporate fin-tech giant Crowdcube, the revered BBC, use Laravel as their preferred web technology. Still, contemplating to hire Laravel developers? Think no more! Our competent team of developers adheres to the highest coding standards to build a robust Laravel application.

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Why hire Laravel developers from ZealousWeb?

With more than 0.5 million websites across the world powered by Laravel, it is the most sought after technology to build custom websites. Enhance your website's security and performance through the MVC architecture and prevent any vulnerabilities threat to your website.

Laravel Migration Services

We offer the legacy systems migration to the latest version of the Laravel framework for an easily manageable web application.

Custom Web Application Development

Custom create an efficient and seamless web application to suit your bespoke business needs.

Laravel API Development & Integration

Our proficient team offers customized RESTfull API development and integration for your web applications.

Laravel Application Maintenance

Our team offers support and maintenance of the Laravel application for upgrades and re-engineering enhancements

Laravel Enterprise Solutions

Our expert Laravel developers offer to build effective CRM solutions and large-scale enterprise solutions to simplify business processes.

Unit Testing & Authentication

Minimizing technical risks and increasing the productivity of the Laravel application through agile testing methodologies.

Steps to hire Laravel programmers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our processes and how we function, with the help of the following FAQs on Laravel Development

How do you ensure the superior quality of the Laravel solutions that you furnish to the clients?

  • We carried our rigorous unit testing at the time of development and followed stepwise functional quality assurance testing and user acceptance testing before it was delivered to the client.

How secured will my data be during web development?

  • Data security is our utmost priority, and we are open to signing an NDA with the clients to protect their intellectual property from any perceivable threat.

How will I track the daily progress during my web development project?

  • We use myriad project management tools ranging from JIRA, Notion to Trello, and ProofHub based on client preference. It enables us to give gaily daily updates to our clients and track each module development progress.

What project management techniques will you follow?

  • Based on client preference, we use Scrum and Kanban as a part of our agile methodologies for effective project management techniques. It allows us to channelize our efforts in one direction and measure productivity after each sprint.

Will I get any maintenance services to post the development of my Laravel project?

  • Once a website goes live, we offer 30-day maintenance support in case of bugs fixtures. Apart from this, we offer dedicated packages for the on-going support and maintenance tasks of your projects. You can inquire to know more about them.

How long will it take to develop my Laravel project?

  • The project's timeframe solely depends on the complexity of the project, and that hence the clients can choose from our various engagement models depending on their project requirements.

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