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Get a sneak peek at our exciting upcoming product for WooCommerce stores. Also, read the astonishing achievement of our WordPress team in revamping a client website for increased traffic. Moreover, learn how our DM team fixed indexing issues to keep the client website’s Google Rankings intact.

Get a sneak peek at our exciting upcoming product for WooCommerce stores. Also, read the astonishing achievement of our WordPress team in revamping a client website for increased traffic. Moreover, learn how our DM team fixed indexing issues to keep the client website’s Google Rankings intact.

Accelerate Your WooCommerce Store Growth With Our Upcoming Exciting Service

Buckle up, as ZealousWeb will very soon offer an exciting service with pre defined templates for clients who have developed their WooCommerce store website using WordPress. And also for those businesses and individuals who wish to craft their WooCommerce store and present it to an extensive audience.

We will develop mobile apps for new and existing WooCommerce stores using Flutter technology at a more cost-effective pricing than the market. We will customize the themes according to your brand identity and offer multiple payment options for customer feasibility.

It will give a kickstart to start-ups and elevate the growth of existing ones to reach extensive mobile users. Moreover, through this technology, we will convert your WooCommerce website to any iOS and Android application. We will help you launch your WooCommerce store on the App Store and Google Play Store.

We will develop mobile apps using hybrid technology for your WooCommerce store as it will save you time and cost on building apps using two different codes for iOS and Android users. You just have to invest time, effort, and money in a single coding for both iOS and Android apps.

Nonetheless, we have already created a Flutter app that connects with the Shopify store for the client. Now, it is accessible through iOS and Android apps to reach more users than websites.

We will be introducing this service this year in May. So, stay tuned for more updates on the same, as we will keep you posted.

Fantastic Work Done By Our WordPress Team In Revamping Website For Increased Traffic

We hope your 2024 first month fulfilled your short-term goals to contribute towards the ultimate vision. Talking about ZealousWeb, our first month of the new year was bang on start, just like we imagined, and we poured out our hearts to accomplish the planned outcome

Our WordPress team did an incredible job by supporting a globally recognized weather company in revamping its website, which leverages the most precise weather information globally and integrates it with cutting-edge AI and hybrid cloud technology.

It empowers our clients and partners to enhance decision-making across various industries with greater accuracy and insight. We have successfully implemented it with modern features and functionalities.

Our team worked on animation to make the site content look visually engaging and entice visitors to explore more. It will reduce the bounce rate by keeping users hooked to the website. Moreover, we worked on image optimization, CSS and JS code.

Nonetheless, we implemented lazy loading of all third-party scripts, including all images and videos on the website, to ensure the content loads rapidly and doesn’t make visitors wait for a minute second.

You can also attain this phenomenal result by enhancing your website speed and driving significant traffic. All you need to do is contact us for a consultation with our experts and discuss your requirements.

A Remarkable Feat Achieved Of Making Website Live Using Within 30 Days

Last month, we shared the news with you, crafting an entire HubSpot website from scratch, ready to go live. We are elated to share this remarkable feat of making this website go live, created using the HubSpot framework.

It comprises 33 dynamic pages made from the very beginning, which was made within 30 days. Kudos to our developers who put in their expertise, knowledge, innovative ideas, and amalgamation of hard and smart work to build this website within a month’s timeframe in adherence to the industry’s highest quality standards.

On the old website, the client was not getting the desired traffic. So, we designed this new website with SEO analytics in mind to enhance business reputation in search engines’ eyes and rank clients’ new websites higher in search engine result pages (SERPs).

We ensured the website was mobile-responsive and user-friendly, and pages loaded faster to keep users hooked by fetching required information and exploring more due to faster loading time.

Moreover, we applied custom functionality filters so visitors can find the needed information in the blink of an eye.

It was an astonishing achievement because we did this for the first time and are all pumped up to take up more such projects and deliver them with enthusiasm and utmost precision.

If you also want to design a website from scratch with dynamic pages, ensuring all pages are SEO and mobile-friendly and have faster loading time, ZealousWeb is your go-to destination. Contact us today for a consultation with our developers.

Our Digital Marketing Team Did Yet Another Brilliant Job By Fixing Indexing Issues
google ranking

Just like a warrior strives to put in extra effort to attain victory, our Digital Marketing experts always go the extra mile to set new benchmarks. This time, they have started their year by delivering yet another impressive result for two different industry verticals – accounting and liners manufacturer by fixing their website indexing issues to help them achieve higher Google Rankings.

It is vital to fix indexing issues ASAP, as the slightest delay can drastically impact your website search engine rankings and business digital presence. Hence, our team focuses on rapidly identifying and resolving indexing issues to ensure our client’s online presence isn’t hampered.

Our team fixed the following indexing issues:

  • Crawled – currently not indexed
  • Not found (404)
  • Discovered – currently not indexed
  • Page with redirect
  • Alternate page with proper canonical tag

Are you wondering whether your website has indexing issues or not? If yes, partner with ZealousWeb and work with our enthusiastic and dedicated Digital Marketing specialists to experience astonishing results and see advancement in your search engine rankings and online presence.

An Exciting Feature Coming Very Soon To Redefine Your Webflow CMS Filtering
CMs Filter

We are elated to share a jolly update with you about an enthralling launch from our Webflow CMS team to redefine your CMS filtering. It will be released soon and seamlessly integrates Webflow to create dynamic grid and list layouts with collection filtering and search capabilities.

The best part is that it will display the information visitors search in real-time by loading the pages in the blink of an eye. Moreover, the images will be pre loaded to amplify users’ experience by keeping them connected to the site. The following are the key features of Webflow integration:

  • Constructing grid and list layouts for collection items.
  • Implementing category-based filtering
  • Facilitating list sorting.
  • Incorporating search functionality for enhanced user experience

The primary purpose is to empower users to apply filters to extract needed information and use list sorting to have relevant data at the forefront. Whether your audience is scrolling your website through mobile, laptop, or desktop browsers, it will provide them with astonishing experience and swift responsiveness.

Nonetheless, it will let you build web applications and websites that are visually captivating and functional and deliver an exceptional and interactive user experience.

Stay tuned for more updates and the launch date.