Sharing our December 2023 Achievements and Key Insights to Understand Site Performance

Delve into our phenomenal achievements wherein our team successfully crafted the entire Hubspot from scratch, and our E-Commerce team attained an “A” speed score in GT Matrix for a client website. Also, enrich yourself with valuable insights into understanding user behavior for your site performance.

Delve into our phenomenal achievements wherein our team successfully crafted the entire Hubspot from scratch, and our E-Commerce team attained an “A” speed score in GT Matrix for a client website. Also, enrich yourself with valuable insights into understanding user behavior for your site performance.

Small Achievements are Indeed Big, Joyful Moments. Celebrating another Proud Achievement of our E-Commerce Team

Some things can’t be overlooked, especially when you have achieved something phenomenal by collaborating with teams. It was another month of outstanding goals attained by ZealousWeb, wherein we achieved astonishing figures for a client.

Our E-Commerce Team comprises highly talented, committed, and enthusiastic experts who formulated a carefully planned strategy to help the client attain an A speed score in GTMetrix, which was previously.

The E-Commerce specialists developed a website in BigCommerce using the Cornerstone theme. They implemented various strategies to augment loading speed to deliver the client’s intended results and exceptional user experience.

The following are the optimization techniques implemented by the E-Commerce team:

  1. They implemented lazy loading for all images and videos on the site pages to ensure the content loads faster and the site loading speed is boosted. This technique ensures delayed loading of site pages by displaying and loading the images and videos when the user scrolls to that section.
  2. Also, they rendered the JavaScript on demand, which ensures that JavaScript is rendered only when the user performs a particular action or interacts with a particular section. It speeds up site speed astoundingly.
  3. Next, they implemented lazy loading of all third-party scripts from both the head and footer scripts, such as text, images, slider content, zoom, and other effects to give a splendid appearance to the website and bolster site loading speed.
  4. Lastly, they applied proven-effective fundamental techniques for enhancing site speed, such as Minify CSS and JS, code and image optimization, and other potent methods for amplifying site loading speed.

Such small achievements not only boost overall team morale but also reflect our commitment to strive for excellence and dedication to serve every client with premier-quality output.

No matter which industry vertical you are dealing with, ZealousWeb will help you accomplish desired outcomes and contribute a helping hand in attaining your organizational goals.

If you also want to give a revamped look or enhance site loading speed for your E-Commerce website, you know which door to knock on – ZealousWeb. With the power of our magic wand, we will deliver you a delightful customer experience.

Don't Settle for Less. Get Detailed Insights into User Behavior and Preferences during Interaction with your Site Content
Get Detailed Insights

In today’s world, almost every business is taking themselves online by offering a convenient mode of interaction for their target audience. A riveting and attention grabbing website is the key to connecting with a mass audience and driving potential prospects for sales conversion.

Any website with captivating web design, compelling content, enchanting images, and optimization of salient elements is bound to get significant traffic to its website and a higher average session duration. However, there is a hidden aspect to this success that needs to be paid utmost attention – page exploration.

You must be wondering how a page exploration can increase traffic to your site. Let’s briefly introduce this exciting feature to get you the intended results. A Page Exploration Report in Google Analytics (GA4) gives businesses valuable insights into how users interact with specific website pages.

It is a worthwhile feature as businesses can derive detailed data on user engagement, including pageviews, bounce rates, average session duration, and the paths users take through a site. All these components are pivotal for comprehending which pages users interact with more, which are underperforming, and which are leading to user drop-off.

By considering all these imperative factors, businesses can optimize their website for an exceptional user experience. These elements empower understanding their behavior, tastes, and preferences to make data-driven decisions and formulate effective strategies. The result is:

  • Enhanced Website Performance
  • Improved Conversion Rates
  • Better crawl ability and indexing for search engines

Higher Rankings in SERPs by getting keywords ranked on the top All high and low-performing pages perform equally

Hence, we recommend using this lucrative feature and enjoying substantial traffic and sales conversion. Also, if you are wondering if any reliable service provider or agency can provide me with these helpful insights and site optimization, we have the answer – ZealousWeb.

With over two decades of expertise and dedication in delivering desired outcomes to several sectors’ clients, we are ready to take up any project. Contact us today and enjoy the intended results.

Sharing a Phenomenal Achievement of our Team in Crafting an entire Hubspot Website from Scratch

We are elated to share with you yet another tremendous achievement from our web developer team wherein they push themselves beyond their limits like always to deliver an astonishing outcome.

Our team has successfully crafted and developed an entire Hubspot website from scratch, comprising a total of 33 pages within an impressive timeframe of one month. Yes, you read that right. For us, the sky’s the limit, and every challenging project makes us unleash our wings to soar high altitudes and touch newer peaks.

The credit goes not only to those two individuals (project supervisor and head) but also to our protagonists (web developers), who deserve real fame. And most importantly, the client showed faith in us and trusted us to deliver top-notch outcomes within an incredible turnaround time.

Such projects exhibit our hunger, passion, determination, and commitment to the client project. Our team is enthusiastic about raising the bar and setting new benchmarks with every project assigned to them.

They blend the industry’s best practices, cutting-edge tools, extensive experience, skillset, and in-depth web development knowledge with their ingenious ideas and creativity to deliver splendid outcomes.

Stay tuned for the grand launch as the site gets ready to go live soon!

Until then, stay fine, and we wish you good health, good fortune, enormous wealth, and happiness in this new year (2024).