Ahmedabad, India – (May 18, 2021) – Recently, ZealousWeb Technologies, a committed Digital Transformation company, introduced an exceptional plugin for Craft CMS called ZealPush Notification. This phenomenal plugin will help website owners display notifications to their site visitors. Considering that the dynamics of running online businesses and engaging in online shopping are evolving at a breakneck speed, we take it as our responsibility to contribute our bit to the growth and development of online merchants.

“We know how significant it is for online businesses to achieve a steady flow of customers to thrive in these troublesome times. They need to make bold moves and adopt big ideas while still focusing on small things that help in offering a memorable digital experience to their customers. And our latest plugin, ZealPush Notification is our newest contribution in this area,” said Dr. Keyur Dave, the COO of ZealousWeb Technologies.

“Our experienced developers recognize the requirement of the time and work diligently in that direction. We don’t believe in waiting for opportunities; we believe in creating them,” he further added.

With the assistance of ZealPush Notification, the website owners can configure desktop notifications. They can either generate new notifications or edit the existing ones and can display them to users. The plugin also empowers them to resend these notifications as per their requirement. And the best part is, ZealPush Notification enables them to send icons and images with them.

As an IT Agency, our number one priority has always been to deliver products and solutions that simplify your work, and we will continue to progress in the same direction.

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