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ZealousWeb Unveils ZealPush Notification

January 25, 2024

Ahmedabad, India – (May 18, 2021) – ZealousWeb Technologies, a dynamic leader in Digital Transformation, has recently launched an innovative plugin for Craft CMS named ZealPush Notification. This cutting-edge tool is designed to enable website owners to effectively display notifications to their visitors. In an era where online business and
e-commerce are evolving rapidly, ZealousWeb is committed to contributing to the growth and success of online merchants.

“Our team of expert developers is acutely attuned to current market demands, working relentlessly to address them. At ZealousWeb, we don’t just wait for opportunities; we actively create them,” added Mr. Keyur Dave, COO.

ZealPush Notification allows website owners to configure and manage desktop notifications with ease. Users can create new notifications, modify existing ones, and control their display to site visitors. Additionally, the plugin offers the flexibility to resend notifications as needed and includes the capability to send icons and images.

As an IT agency, ZealousWeb prioritizes delivering solutions and products that streamline and simplify business operations. The company is dedicated to continuing this trajectory of innovative and practical technological advancements.

ZealPush Notification Configuration Settings
Frontend of ZealPush Notification

“Understanding the critical need for online businesses to maintain a steady influx of customers, especially in challenging times, is essential. Bold moves and innovative strategies are key, but it’s the smaller details that create a lasting digital experience for customers. ZealPush Notification is our latest offering in this endeavor.”

Keyur Dave, COO

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