Smart Google Analytics Plugin for Craft CMS

ZealousWeb Launches Smart Google Analytics Plugin For Craft CMS

August 13, 2021

Ahmedabad, India – (August 13, 2021) –ZealousWeb Technologies, a leading Global Digital Agency, is thrilled to launch Smart Google Analytics, an innovative Craft plugin designed for extensive user data collection. This groundbreaking tool eliminates the need to log into Google Analytics for data retrieval, significantly saving time and effort. As an advanced plugin, Smart Google Analytics is user-friendly and ensures effortless installation, providing detailed insights into user interactions with your site.

Smart Google Analytics Plugin For Craft CMS by ZealousWeb
Improve your site keyword performance with Smart Google Analytics Plugin For Craft CMS

This tool is ideal for pinpointing the exact geographic locations of your visitors, understanding the proportion of users navigating to specific pages, and determining their duration of stay. Moreover, it offers valuable insights into user engagement on your site and sheds light on the performance of particular keywords.

Ensuring that you understand the data effectively, this plugin displays different types of attractive charts on the Analytics Dashboard Page. The plugin uses widgets to showcase the charts. Since knowing your users is imperative for growing your business, you must give this plugin a try.

Over the years, ZealousWeb has developed highly effective products, including WordPress Plugins, ExpressionEngine Add-Ons, and Magento 2 Extensions, and users are pretty happy with them.

We have noticed a trend that people are considering Craft as a great alternative to WordPress. Its users are increasing day by day. So we are delighted that our team is working aggressively towards developing innovative Craft plugins that will help users extend the functionality of their websites.

Keyur Dave, COO

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