Security Feature on Smart Channel Forms

ZealousWeb Adds Google reCAPTCHA V2 To Smart Channel Forms

August 04, 2021

Ahmedabad, India – (August 4, 2021)- ZealousWeb Technologies is excited to announce enhancements to its recently launched ‘Smart Channel Forms‘ add-on. Following client feedback received shortly after the initial release, we’ve integrated vital security features to elevate the add-on’s protection. These include the addition of Google reCAPTCHA V2 and EE native Captcha, fortifying Smart Channel Forms against potential threats. In addition to these security updates, minor design adjustments have been made to improve usability. These changes simplify the process of setting field labels, enhancing the overall user experience.

Backend of Smart Channel Forms
Smart Channel Forms compatibility with EE5 and EE6,

Smart Channel Forms, designed for the rapid development of channel forms, leverages the ExpressionEngine channel for seamless form data storage. A key advantage of this add-on is its compatibility with EE5 and EE6, eliminating the need for coding and thereby saving significant development time.

The ExpressionEngine add-ons that the company has developed over the years offer much-needed value to the users. One of the best ExpressionEngine development companies in India, ZealousWeb aims to build products that help businesses drive growth.

We are exhilarated that our clients have been showing interest in our EE add-ons, and our Smart Channel Forms is no exception to the rule. We are happy that they are putting their trust in our products and are also helping us improve our product quality by making necessary recommendations. The newly added security features will help garner more eyes to the add-on.

Keyur Dave, COO

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