Smart Members Subscription PRO

ZealousWeb Gleefully Unveils Smart Members Subscription PRO

June 04, 2021

Ahmedabad, India – (June 4, 2021) – We at ZealousWeb Technologies are thrilled to announce the launch of ‘Smart Members Subscription PRO,’ our latest add-on for ExpressionEngine, designed to further modernize your website experience. Our team of agile developers is adept at understanding market dynamics and responds swiftly to meet these evolving needs. Our goal is to assist every business in navigating the rapidly changing technology landscape with confidence. To that end, we’ve developed this innovative add-on for ExpressionEngine, which fosters a more user-friendly interface.

‘Smart Members Subscription PRO’ is compatible with EE4 and EE5, streamlining the process of exporting and importing members. It also simplifies the login process by offering the conventional username-password method, along with the option to log in using over 20 different social media platforms.

Smart Members Subscription PRO’ compatibility with EE4 and EE5
ZealousWeb launched ‘Smart Members Subscription PRO

This add-on boasts a range of modules, including Register Member, Edit Profile, Forgot Password, Reset Password, View Profile, and Delete Profile, among others. It acts as an enhancement to our existing ‘Smart Member PRO add-on.’ If you’re already utilizing the Smart Member PRO add-on, integrating Smart Members Subscription PRO will greatly expand its capabilities and enrich the functionality of your ExpressionEngine website.

Developed for driving the member subscription with PayPal payment integration, it’s a foolproof add-on that simplifies and revamps the payment process. It empowers admin to create distinct subscriptions, thereby encouraging website visitors to subscribe to them.

Keyur Dave, COO

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