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ZealousWeb Launches Smart Web Notification For ExpressionEngine

December 15, 2021

Ahmedabad, India – (December 15, 2021)- We are excited to share that our top-tier ExpressionEngine developers have crafted an outstanding add-on named Smart Web Notification. This tool empowers website administrators to set up and showcase desktop notifications to site users. It operates with a Firebase account for sending out notifications.

Smart Web Notification complimentary add-on
Smart Web Notification Settings Panel

Smart Web Notification is a complimentary add-on that works seamlessly with both EE5 and EE6. Its distinctive feature is the ability for administrators to modify existing notifications, along with the capability to include an icon and an image in the notifications.

This add-on is an excellent asset whether your goal is to promote a new product or service, guide users to your social media pages, or establish trust and a strong brand identity by directing users to thoughtfully selected content. Smart Web Notification stands as an invaluable tool in achieving these objectives.

Hence, for anyone seeking to install an ExpressionEngine add-on with these capabilities, Smart Web Notification is the ideal choice. It’s designed to boost customer engagement significantly.

The main inspiration for developing Smart Web Notification was to assist businesses in leveraging push notifications to enhance engagement. When utilized effectively, push notifications can markedly elevate conversion rates.

Keyur Dave, COO

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