Team Up as Strategic Partners

ZealousWeb & Netisse Team Up As Strategic Partners

August 16, 2019

Ahmedabad, India – (August 16, 2019) – ZealousWeb and Netisse have officially announced a strategic partnership, culminating from over nine months of collaboration. This alliance, formally declared in June 2019, marks a significant step for both companies, aiming to enhance their service offerings to clients across France. ZealousWeb, with its extensive expertise in Web Development, Mobile Applications, Digital Marketing, and Consulting services, is set to work in tandem with Netisse to support businesses in various sectors, focusing on delivering optimal user experiences.

ZealousWeb and Netisse Team

Zakia Marrakchi, Director at Netisse, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, noting that ZealousWeb’s deep knowledge and expertise will be highly beneficial for their current and future clients. She emphasized that this collaboration aligns well with their strategic goals and will enable them to offer more comprehensive insights and solutions across industries.

This dynamic partnership promises to provide clients with a broader range of interactive services tailored to their specific needs. It is especially advantageous for real-time businesses, facilitating streamlined processes and cooperative ventures that aim to shorten development timelines. For the French market, the partnership between ZealousWeb and Netisse is expected to foster easier knowledge exchange and experience sharing.

ZealousWeb and Netisse Team

Both ZealousWeb and Netisse are committed to adding significant value to their clients in France. Their joint goal is to enhance service promotion, build client trust and loyalty, improve user experiences, facilitate easier meetups, boost revenue, and reduce costs. This collaboration is an inspiring venture for both organizations, promising to bring forth new opportunities and advancements.

Clients across France can now take the box seat of expertise and integrity and will be able to offer small businesses the best Web Development, Mobile Applications, Digital Marketing, & Consulting services in the market. With Netisse’s powerful and strong market presence, they will help make the experience completely seamless.

Kandarp Bhatt, CEO

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