WordCamp Asia 2024: ZealousWeb Garners Cutting-Edge Insights

March 15, 2024

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India – March 15, 2024 – ZealousWeb, a leading WordPress development agency, returned from WordCamp Asia 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan, energized by a whirlwind of learning and innovation. The event, held from March 7th to 9th, brought together thousands of passionate WordPress enthusiasts from over 70 countries.

ZealousWeb team at WordCamp 2024

ZealousWeb was part of WordCamp Asia 2024, an event filled with dynamic energy and collaborative spirit. Featuring over 50 insightful speakers and support from 40+ sponsors, it was a hub of innovation and ideas. Our team’s enthusiasm and active participation stood out, driving us to push the boundaries of digital development. This experience has provided us with valuable insights and inspiration, which we are eager to apply to our services. Stay tuned as ZealousWeb continues to lead and innovate within the WordPress community.

Straight From WordCamp Asia 2024: ZealousWeb’s Insights

Our team delved into “Headless WordPress with Mixed Page State”, exploring how decoupling WordPress from its front end using JavaScript frameworks like “React” and “Vue.js” can create flexible, dynamic, and fast-loading websites with excellent SEO. We also explored trending frameworks such as Astro, Nuxt, and Svelte, the latest trending WordPress frameworks.

The session on WordPress VIP was particularly impactful, highlighting its architectural strengths and wide industry reach, from media giants like The New York Times to government websites and eCommerce stores. Discussions on alternatives like Adobe Commerce, Drupal, and custom solutions underscored the competitive landscape, while sessions on GraphQL and REST APIs provided tools to streamline content creation. Additionally, the focus on security best practices ensured we stayed ahead in protecting digital assets.

This enriching experience at WordCamp Asia 2024 has inspired the ZealousWeb team to strategically implement these learnings into our projects, enhancing our technical capabilities and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with WordPress. We look forward to leveraging these insights to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients.

WordCamp Asia 2024: ZealousWeb’s Networking Triumphs

While the sessions provided deep dives into the latest WordPress advancements, the event’s true highlight was the chance to connect face-to-face with industry leaders and fellow enthusiasts in a casual, friendly atmosphere.

Our team engaged in enriching conversations with the Yoast team, including Chhaya and Taco, and industry titans like Kevin Walker, CEO of Bluehost. We also interacted with notable figures such as Jose Ramón, Steve Mosby, Jack Arturo, Ka Leng Ler from GoDaddy, and WordPress champions like Ross Spadaro from WooCommerce, Nils-Fredrik Winther-Kaland, Aaryaman Anerao, K. Adam White, Dean Lockhard, and Matthuas Klute.

These interactions were not merely social; they opened doors to exciting opportunities. We explored potential collaborations with Svilena Peneva from Netropack and Aditya Remy from Hostinger, laying the groundwork for future projects. This event has significantly enriched our knowledge and network, reinforcing ZealousWeb’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the WordPress ecosystem.

WordCamp Asia 2024: ZealousWeb Shares & Explores

ZealousWeb team actively participated in discussions covering core testing, Polyglot, photo, and pattern functionalities. Our involvement in these sessions facilitated a vibrant exchange of experiences and ideas with fellow attendees, creating a dynamic and collaborative environment. This valuable interaction not only enhanced our knowledge but also reinforced our commitment to contributing to the WordPress community and embracing continuous learning.

Fresh From WordCamp Asia: A Developer’s Takeaways

The energy at WordCamp Asia 2024 was electric, and our team at ZealousWeb dove headfirst into the latest trends shaping the WordPress landscape. From headless architecture to cutting-edge security practices, the sessions offered a wealth of actionable insights.

From harnessing the potential of headless WordPress frameworks like Astro and Nuxt.js to exploring the latest trends in WordPress development, our discussions were filled with innovative ideas and practical solutions. Delving into the intricacies of GraphQL and REST APIs, we uncovered their respective strengths and optimal use cases. We are eager to further explore these tools and see how they can elevate our development process, offering a perfect blend of flexibility and performance.

ZealousWeb Team at Google booth

WordCamp Asia 2024 glimpse

Vishal Bhatt with Matt Mullenweg

WordCamp Asia 2024 glimpse

WordCamp Asia 2024 glimpse

WordCamp Asia 2024 glimpse


These technical advancements naturally translate into exciting business opportunities. The deep dive into WordPress VIP was particularly insightful. For clients seeking top-tier security, scalability, and performance, WordPress VIP stands out as a clear winner. We’re now better equipped to guide our clients toward the right solutions based on their specific needs, ensuring their websites not only function flawlessly but also thrive in today’s competitive digital landscape.

ZealousWeb Energized For The Future After WordCamp Asia 2024

ZealousWeb returned from WordCamp Asia 2024 buzzing with fresh ideas and a renewed commitment to innovation. The electrifying atmosphere in Taipei fueled our team’s exploration of cutting-edge trends, from headless WordPress architectures to advanced security measures. These insights are now being translated into a dynamic action plan, propelling us to enhance our development practices and business development strategies. Ultimately, this empowers our clients to thrive in the ever-evolving digital world.

ZealousWeb Sets Sights On WordPress Leadership

WordCamp Asia 2024 wasn’t just a learning experience for ZealousWeb; it was a catalyst for a paradigm shift. Witnessing the vibrant global WordPress community ignited our passion to become attendees and active advocates. We’re hungry to share our expertise through workshops, conferences, and online resources.

From ZealousWeb’s perspective, WordCamp Taiwan was more than just an event; it was a launchpad for our future. The energy, ideas, and connections ignited a drive for innovation and a commitment to excellence. We are eager to apply these learnings to empower our team and clients. Collaboration is at the core of our approach. By promoting knowledge exchange within our team, building strong connections in the WordPress community, and forming true partnerships with our clients, ZealousWeb is poised to navigate and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

“WordCamp Asia 2024 served as a catalyst for ZealousWeb’s evolution. The event’s exceptional thought leadership empowered us to refine our development practices and embrace cutting-edge technologies like headless WordPress frameworks. This translates to future-proof solutions and data-driven client onboarding, ultimately propelling our clients’ digital presence to the forefront of their industries.”

Kandarp Bhatt, CEO

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