Are you constantly worried about the safety of your kids? Do you want to know where your kids are and who they are interacting with? Do you want to find the exact location of your employee and see that if they are releasing any sensitive information to rivals or just keep an eye on them? The answer to all above question is spy software.

How does the spy software work?

  • The spy software is nothing but a simple and effective software that you need to install on the host phone, and the application does the rest. It traces the location, text messages, call durations, call recording and other monitoring required.
  • All spy softwares are used for such specific purpose only, but the only thing that makes them different from one another is there packages and compatibility. All basic features are affordable and available, but extra features like, web browsing history, GPS location, SMS details, Email logs, Contact Details comes with a cost.
  • It is very essential to the know the compatibility of the target phone and the operating system the phone uses.
  • Also, you have to make sure that you have direct access to the phone. Having remote access to the phone won’t help you in any ways. You have to physically install the software on the target phone.
  • The installation is pretty simple and they come with general download and installation instructions. They are as easy as installing any other software.


Types Of Softwares And Their Compatibility

Mobile Spy (PAID)-

Android cell phones up to version 4.2.2
iPhone OS up to 6.1.2
BlackBerry operating system up to 7.1
Windows Mobile version 6.
Symbian up to version 9.5

Zeal Spy (FREE)-

Android cell phones up to version 4.2.2

mSpy (PAID)-

iPhone and iPad – All versions up to iOS 6.1.2
Android Cell Phones and Tablets – All versions up to 4.1
Symbian-Nokia phones
BlackBerry Operating System up to 7.0

Spy softwares work on above mentioned OS. Still, there has been quite a bit of confusion about what kind of cell phone supports the application, so just remember the below mentioned steps and you will do just fine.

For iPhone users – We all know how much Apple is careful and skeptical about security issues. So, it won’t allow any third party application to be installed on iPhone, if it is not in the app store. But that does not stop the spy softwares from reaching iPhone users. You just have to jailbreak your iPhone. There is a specific set of instruction on how to jailbreak IPhones /IPads. Follow them and your phone is ready for spy software installation.

For Android users – Root your android phone. It is not mandatory to root all android phones, if you want to use spy softwares. However, it is noticed that many features of the spy softwares work only if the phone is rooted. So, if the android phone is rooted the application will work more easily and it supports many other features.

What Are Data Logs And What they do?

  • Data logs are the details of the activities that takes place on the host phone and those activities are recorded and displayed in the form of data logs.
  • The details of data logs depend on the package of the software installed.
  • The data logs are sent over the web servers from the host phone. So internet connection on the host phone is essential.
  • Accessing the data logs is quite simple. When you select the type of package, you are prompted to provide an email address where you want the details of the host phone.
  • You will receive a personal username and password, provided by the software and once you log in you can have access to the data logs.
  • You can browse through the data you need and even download in many available formats.
  • You can even track the phone’s current location, start and end call recording as per your need.

Many might ask that is using such softwares legal?

The answer is yes! You can use such softwares if the targeted phone is owned by the installer or you have authorization to do so. If you are not the owner or not authorized rather you are just insecure about your better half, think twice before taking any further step!

Spy softwares can be very beneficial if used for right purpose.

Spy Softwares can be very helpful to keep an eye out for our teenage kids. To see what friends they have and what conversation they carry out. Even to see their exact location and get there ASAP if there is any trouble. Also, for companies who suspect fraud or leak of confidential information to rival companies, they can use such softwares to keep an eye on their employees