What Is Medium All About?

One discussion that often comes up about Medium is whether it strives to be a publisher or platform, i.e., a place for Medium to convey what it thinks (like BuzzFeed) or a place for people to share what they believe (like Twitter).

Medium for blogging

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Medium is a platform where people can read, share and exchange their ideas on different topics in blogs, articles, and stories. In other words, the Medium opens the door to unlimited possibilities for aspiring writers enabling them to voice their opinions without any limitations.

Various brands and freelance writers are publishing and engaging with content as part of Medium’s audience.

Medium.com is an ideal place to write, read and connect. It is not just a platform but also a community.

If you want to promote your healthcare business and brand awareness through content, Medium is a perfect place for you. It has plenty of resources that makes it incredible.

Everyone wants to make their content go further. No matter how many users visit your healthcare site and no matter how many followers you have on social media, sometimes your content marketing strategy just doesn’t get as much mileage as it could. Adding Medium to your healthcare digital marketing blogging strategy can help you achieve a massive boost in traffic.

Content Is King In Digital Marketing

Importance of Content in Digital Marketing

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While feeding your existing audience, great content is also essential to attract a new audience. The Medium allows you to publish your content and increase your brand awareness. This platform helps marketers to save time, money, and effort.

Medium has its limitations; however, there are still various reasons to consider including Medium in your healthcare digital marketing blogging strategy. Read on to learn why to publish on medium and best practices for including Medium in your content marketing strategy.

Why Publish on Medium.com?

How many users does your current healthcare digital marketing strategy bring in a month? Medium.com has an estimated 180 million active users a month. These users are highly engaged with the articles and blogs published here, and they visit Medium.com regularly.

If you want to publish your healthcare content and attract new users, Medium is an ideal place for you. In case if you have a simple healthcare website without a blog section, you can use a medium platform to drive traffic to your website. This content marketing strategy will help you to save time and effort.

It focuses more on the idea and information you share rather than who you are. Medium is a reliable resource that ranks exceptionally well in search engines. It means, if you publish a blog that is useful and is getting attention, it could rank on the first page of the search engine quickly and maximize your exposure.

It is not just a blogging site; it is an active blogging community. Medium’s community explores more exciting and unique themes like medicine experience and the future of AI in the healthcare industry.

There are three purposes of publishing a blog on Medium.com The first is sharing the content to reach a wider audience. Second, you can research new ideas, and the last one, you can connect with the community. If you are publishing your content on this platform, you can get different benefits. Some of them are given below:

Good Reasons To Publish Your Content On Medium.Com

Connect With Audience

If your target audience is active on this blogging platform, you need to present there too. Medium includes the most famous and interesting topics like science, technology, business, healthcare, and more.

Connect with Right Audience

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If your audience is interested in one or more of these topics, you need to publish the content related to these topics on Medium to attract them. By posting content on different topics, Medium allows you to make conversions and connect with people who are authentically paying attention to your article or blog.

Maximize your reach and engagement

The next benefit of publishing your content on the Medium platform is that it offers an extra opportunity to maximize engagement.

By posting your content to your website and later syndicating the existing content on this platform, you will increase the number of website visitors and current blog subscribers. In simple words, it will help you to reach a larger audience that may not be aware of your service and your brand.

Medium includes a fantastic feature that is a built-in social sharing option. It allows active users to share your article or blog on their channels. For instance, if a user reads your content and wants to share it with their followers, they can use the social sharing option. Indirectly, it will increase the number of readers and spread brand awareness.

Improve content discoverability

The medium platform has a domain authority score of 93 out of 100. With solid SEO support, this platform can help you to maximize your reach and improve content discoverability.

This DA means, search engines view content from the website as trustworthy and reputable. Because of higher Medium’s DA, you can improve the presence of your content on search engines.

Domain Authority and Page Authority of Medium

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You can add more value to your SEO practice by backlinking from Medium to your primary domain.

Develop Credibility

If you are searching to develop and improve your online reputation, Medium is an ideal place for you. This platform allows you to showcase your work and share your perspective. Publishing high-quality content on Medium will enable you to position your company and yourself as an industry thought leader.

Connect and boost your social media following

If you link your Medium profile with a Facebook or Twitter account, you will automatically be connected with users already on the Medium platform. They will be able to see all of the content that appears on the site.

 Connect Medium with Social Media

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It will help if you stay connected with your followers to create a large following on social media networks. Linking your social media pages to your Medium account allows users to discover your content and brand. This platform works to ensure you are easily found when you share something on social media.

Import content with ease

Writing is hard. Editing shouldn’t be

Medium offers the ability to import your content from any place on the web. It means you don’t have to publish your content natively on this platform. With a single click, you can copy your story from your website to Medium. This fantastic feature will protect from the duplicate content penalty because syndicating content is different from duplicating content.

Importing content on medium

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From editing the document to customizing the title, you can alter your content after importing it to Medium.

At Medium, you can find the instructions to import your posts from WordPress and other platforms. It makes the whole process as easy as possible.

Why is Medium so famous in the healthcare digital marketing field?

Users love Medium because it offers a simple user interface to read about healthcare topics they are interested in. Healthcare marketers love this platform because they can amplify their content and drive more traffic.

Medium for Healthcare Digital Marketing

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Different healthcare brands utilize Medium because it allows them to post their own stories on favorite topics and improve ORM (Online Reputation Management)

This blogging platform has succeeded because its main focus is readers. Likes, shares, or clicks can’t manipulate the Algorithm of Medium. Your posts gain visibility based on the number of views, reads, and recommendations. Most Healthcare marketers include Medium in their digital marketing blogging strategy because:

  • It maximizes the chances of patient retention
  • Helps to interact and communicate with patients
  • Helps to drive more traffic and generate leads
  • Helps to target patients with specific conditions and issues
  • Offers brand awareness
  • It develops trust
  • Improves online presence
  • Allows to use the power of content marketing and SEO

Best practices for posting your healthcare content on Medium Here are a few tips to optimize your presence on this platform.

#1 Use relevant tags and optimize your content

The tag makes it simple for your content to get discovered on Medium.com

Tags are the best way to organize and suggest your content to users by topic. By adding relevant tags to your Medium stories, you can increase its visibility. Some great content on this platform didn’t get good exposure due to poor tagging practices.

Optimizing your content for the curators and members of Medium is a vital task you have to do to ensure you get more exposure. The Medium allows you to add up to 5 tags to your content. You can do research and find out trending health topic-related tags for your healthcare practices.

Some common health topic related tag links that appear on Medium are:

Fitness, Food , Weight Loss , Nutrition , Healthcare , Life Lessons , Life , Mental Health , Self Improvement , Health

Note:- Your tags should be relevant to your content.

#2 Use images for visual interest and readability

If you are posting long-form healthcare content on Medium, you can add multiple images to make it more attractive and improve readability.

Medium includes an in-built Unsplash feature. This feature allows you to add free stock images. You can add pictures by following these simple steps:

How to add images to your Medium stories?

Step 1. Open Medium draft and click on any blank space.

Step 2. Click the + sign to open the Medium toolbar editor.

Step 3. Select the magnifying glass icon.

add images to your Medium stories

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Step 4. Type in a search bar for the image you want on Unsplash and press enter.

Step 5. Select the image, and Unsplash inserts the selected photos in your Medium story.


  • Add high-resolution images to your content. Your image needs to be at least 1060 pixels wid
  • For a better user experience, you can use horizontal images. It will help users to avoid vertical scrolling.
  • You can also use other free stock photo sites for Medium.

#3 Use Medium’s import tool

You can use Medium’s import tool or content syndication. It is a widely used content marketing strategy to gain more traffic to your existing content. Using this tool, you can import your previous content from the web and re-publish it on the Medium platform.

One of the main advantages of this platform is that you can gain more traffic with your existing content. By republishing your existing content, you can achieve an impressive amount of traction.

 Medium for increasing traffic

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This statistic can help you to comprehend the power of publishing and syndicating the content on Medium.com.

How to use this tool?

Step 1. Go to the Medium import tool

Step 2. Add the links (Blog you want to import)

Step 3. Click on Import

It will help you to fetch all the formatting and texts from your existing post to Medium.

Note:- This feature doesn’t import any videos and images. So you need to add video and/or image manually before posting the content.

#4 Don’t import your content right away

After posting your content on your website, give Google at least 1-2 weeks to crawl and index the content before you syndicate. This will offer your actual post an opportunity to rank for the targeted keyword.

After importing your content, this platform will automatically include a line at the end of the post, saying “Originally published at (Like to your website).”

#5 Post regularly

The more you engage with this blogging platform, the more you will learn and improve your content strategy to gain more patients. It is essential to post regularly on Medium so that your patients are reminded of your healthcare services. It means more chances for leads and revenue!

You can schedule a time to log in and engage with commenters and readers to show that you genuinely participate in the conversation. Publishing your healthcare-related content on the Medium platform makes you more discoverable and memorable to potential patients. This strategy can help you to improve the knowledge of users and encourage your brand loyalty.

#6 Offer the quality

Medium.com is not about whom you know or who you are but about what you have to share.

Medium is an online blogging platform where the content is measured by the quality and level of feedback (response, share, claps, and more). Content that achieves virality on this platform tends to be thought-provoking, thoroughly researched, and well-written.

On Medium, engagement represents the quality and importance of content. It means high-quality content could have a long lifespan and drive more traffic.

#7 Add Call To Actions

For any piece of content, call-to-actions are essential. It helps to generate leads and gain more potential patients. Most marketers utilize this strategy to redirect the traffic to healthcare websites from Medium.

#8 Share your content on other social media channels

You can share your medium post on different social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to get better reach. Eventually, you may observe most of your post views and responses coming directly from social media platforms.

What can content marketers learn from this platform?

There are probably many things healthcare marketing can learn from this blogging website. Some of them are given below:

Focus on a great idea

On this platform, content is recognized for its popularity and authority, not based on how many dollars have been spent on promotions or who wrote it. Add illustrations, cite references, add unique information and write best to get your content on top.

Invest in long-form content

Content that inspires and educates people is more important and helpful to rank. Try your best to offer information users can’t find anywhere else.

Take risk

Trying new platforms and ways to spread your brand awareness is always a better option. Do the research and find what works best for your healthcare practice.

Final words

Instead of promoting your content on social media channels and hosting on your healthcare website, blogging platforms like Medium help quality and most valuable content stand out among the competition. Have you experienced any significant wins with Medium? Do you have any tales to share about your experience on the Medium platform? Let us know in our comment section.