Flow Form is a Game Changer

Why Is Flow Form A Game-Changer For Webflow Developers?

February 14, 2023Posted By: ZealousWeb
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Developers require a diverse skill set to excel in their roles, and web developers, in particular, must possess a comprehensive skill set for their profession. One key aspect of the web developer skill set is the ability to create form flows, which effectively integrate multiple forms into a cohesive user experience. Instead of bombarding users with numerous separate links, web developers with the right skills for web development can now implement Form Flows, offering a single, user-friendly link.

This link plays a crucial role in guiding customers through all necessary steps while giving them a clear overview of the status and progress of the forms. The right skill set for web developers is essential in creating efficient web solutions.

Form flows represent a vital component of a web developer’s skill set, enabling you to interconnect and facilitate smooth navigation between various forms.
Developing your skill set as a webflow developer involves mastering the process of creating form flows that include:

Step 1: Accessing The Form Designer

Accessing The Form Designer

Log in to your account: Begin by logging in to your Sweet account. Navigate to the Form Designer menu option: After logging in, go to the sidebar and select ‘Form Designer’ from the menu.

Step 2: Create A New Form Flow

How to create a new flow form

Under the ‘Form Designer’ menu option, click ‘New Form Flow’: This action will kickstart the creation process.

Step 3: Name Your Form Flow

Name Your Flow Form

Name your form flow: Within the form flow editor, start by giving your flow a meaningful name that reflects its purpose.

Step 4: Add Forms To The Form Flow

add forms to flow forms

Choose existing forms: Under ‘Connect Forms,’ you can now designate which published forms should be incorporated into your form flow. After selecting your forms from the dropdown list, click ‘add,’ and the forms will be added to a list.

Step 5: Configure Settings For The Form Flow

Configure Settings for the Flow Form

If you hire a webflow developer in agency, below are the pointers that require attention to detail:

  • Select the starting form: Determine which form should be the initial point for your web developer skill set journey. This form acts as the starting point when users click on the link.
  • Set mandatory forms (if appropriate): Identify any forms that necessitate answers and ensure the ‘Mandatory’ option is enabled for these forms.
  • Set up response settings: Make informed decisions about response management, allowing or disallowing response deletion and multiple responses as part of your skills for web developers.

Step 6: Publish And Save Your Form Flow

Publish and Save Your Flow Form

  • Save and publish: Once you’ve reviewed and configured all settings, navigate to ‘Publish Settings’ and click ‘Save and Publish.’
  • The link to the form flow becomes accessible after publication. Once published, the settings become read-only. Should you wish to modify the form flow, it’s imperative to unpublish it.

Step 7: Test Your Form Flow

web developer skill set

  • Generated link: Upon publication, a link for the form flow will be generated.
  • Copy the link and paste it into your browser.

Step 8: Form Flow Overview

skill set for a web developer

  • Starting from: Upon accessing the form flow link, users are automatically directed to the form designated as the starting point in your web developer skill set toolkit.
  • Redirection: After responding to the initial form, users are redirected to the overview.
  • Edit: Completed forms are listed in chronological order, offering the flexibility to edit any answered forms.
  • Depending on the settings in the form flow editor, users may encounter various options within the overview.

Step 9: Respond To More Forms In The Flow

skills for a web developer

  • Overview: In the ‘Available Forms’ dropdown list, track the number of remaining forms to respond to, including whether they are mandatory.

Step 10: Submit Forms

web developer skill set

  • Finish and Lock: When satisfied with your responses in the form flow, take the final step by clicking ‘Finish and Lock’ as part of your skills for web developers.

Step 11: Completion

skills for a web developer

Upon clicking ‘Finish and Lock’ as part of your web developer skill set mastery, the form flow will initiate processing and lock the response sets. If any of the forms necessitate an e-signature, this e-signature feature will be activated during this step in accordance with the e-signature settings specific to each individual form.

Once the ‘save and lock’ process has been successfully executed, this view will become visible, marking another accomplishment in your skills for the web developer journey.


Mastering Form Flow creation with Sweet Forms is a significant achievement in enhancing your web developer skill set, especially within the Webflow ecosystem. This innovative feature streamlines data collection and automates complex workflows, demonstrating your proficiency in creating seamless, user-friendly digital experiences. As you continue to expand your capabilities, remember that ZealousWeb is always ready to assist you in your Webflow website development journey.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing insights, support, and advanced solutions to help you excel in your projects. For expert guidance in Webflow development and to elevate your web development skills to new heights, don’t hesitate to contact ZealousWeb. Let’s collaborate to create exceptional online experiences that resonate with your audience.


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