The digital marketing sphere is constantly evolving, making it exciting and challenging for marketers and entrepreneurs to stay at the forefront of today’s consumers’ minds.

Moreover, challenges like multiple digital touchpoints, complex consumer segmentation, and evolved purchasing patterns make it difficult for modern entrepreneurs to stay ahead in the marketing game.

To overcome these challenges and stay relevant with today’s digitally-savvy consumers, you need to be equipped with the proper knowledge and tools. This way, you will be able to adapt to evolving trends and grab maximal benefits from the future of digital marketing?

But, what exactly does the “future of digital marketing” look like? With the industry going through a tectonic shift, we are certain that the near future will be different from the current landscape. And in this article, we will have a look at all the trends that will be an integral part of the new landscape.

Keeping up with the digital marketing trends mentioned below will help you stay on top of the latest industry developments. Read on to know why…

Top Digital Marketing Trends That Will Shape The Industry’s Future

Artificial Intelligence

For the past two years, AI has been on the top of every marketing trend list and will continue to do so in 2022 and beyond.

According to research by Forbes, around 75% of businesses implementing AI in their organization improved their customer satisfaction by 10% in 2018. The numbers have only seen an increase since then, and rightly so! After all, incorporating AI in various marketing and operational business functions presents a plethora of benefits to businesses, including –

  • Better customer handling
  • Advanced consumer behavior tracking
  • Removal of redundant and repetitive tasks- allowing better utilization of human resources
  • Real-time analytics and measurement
  • Optimisation of product line strategy
  • Marketing and CRM automation powered by AI

Amongst the various operations where AI has been integrated, one area, in particular, has proven to be incredibly beneficial for business owners, and that is ‘ AI enables chatbots’.

These AI-powered chatbots are designed to answer common consumer queries and provide real-time assistance to potential customers. This ultimately helps improve consumer satisfaction, conversion rate and brand loyalty.

Hence, we can say that to stay ahead in the AI-driven future of digital marketing, ‘AI-powered chatbots’ are of paramount importance.

Virtual Reality

The primary objective of marketing personnel is to evaluate tools and platforms to increase customers’ engagement with your brand by providing interactive and engaging experiences. In the past few years, ‘Virtual Reality’ has emerged to be the most competent solution.

According to studies, the market for virtual reality has grown exponentially since 2018 and is predicted to reach $53.6 billion in 2025.

With VR enabled technology, business owners will be able to create an exceptional illusion of an in-store shopping experience.

The use of VR in digital marketing is at the rise for the past 5 years, and covid-19 has acted as a catalyst to further fuel the fire.

Voice Search Marketing

“Approximately 50% of the total searches are now enabled by voice search.”

This makes it abundantly clear that ‘voice search’ will undoubtedly be present in the future of digital marketing. And, why not?

An increasing number of smartphone users find it more comfortable with making searches on their phones and other devices like Google Home & Alexa. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that hands-free interaction will soon become the standard way users interact with search engines.
Marketing for voice opens a plethora of new horizons for digital marketing agencies. E.g. Voice search SEO is not quite similar to regular SEO, and one must keep in mind some factors while optimizing for voice searches.

  1. Focus on ranking for long-tail keywords
  2. Add FAQ sections on the relevant pages of your website
  3. Prioritize on-page SEO for mobile devices
  4. Invest in a site that enables your user to make a voice search
  5. Focus on grabbing customers’ attention within a few seconds. Short-form content is the key to this

Data-Driven Marketing

Next in line for the top trends of digital marketing till 2025 is ‘data-driven’ marketing. Long gone are the days when untargeted and unresearched broadcasting was enough to drive consumers to your business.

Almost every industry is consumer-centric, so consumer data is now at the heart of every marketing strategy.

Conducting an in-depth analysis of consumer data gives business owners critical insights into consumer expectations and buying journeys. It helps them segment their consumers into different buyer personas, which ultimately facilitates the creation of marketing content that is better targeted and optimized according to consumers’ needs.

By 2025, marketers will rely entirely on actionable consumer insight to curate highly specific marketing campaigns. These campaigns will be designed using a complex combination of personal, location, and environment data.

Such efforts will help your brand reach the right customers at the right time and with the right message.

Customer Experience Management

As mentioned above, modern industries are becoming increasingly consumer-centric. Therefore, customer experience management is predicted to emerge as a leading digital marketing trend in the near future.

Customer experience management (CMX) is a process designed to efficiently manage your brand’s interaction with the current and potential consumers at all the physical and digital touchpoints.

For today’s tech-savvy consumers, quality products are no longer enough. They expect a holistic experience with all brands they interact with. This makes it imperative for business owners to deliver enhanced services at all the stages of their buyers’ journey.

CMX can be implemented in digital marketing by optimizing each digital interaction point to deliver a seamless experience. Begin by optimizing your website with highly engaging UX, which emphasizes creating an interactive,experiential and convenient browsing experience.

Apart from UX, your site also needs to be optimized in the following criteria-

  • Speed
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Browsing safety & privacy

Next, you can optimize other digital touchpoints like Google business, social media platforms etc. This will ultimately help you improve your conversion rate and keep the consumers engaged with your brand for the long term.

Data analytics

There is no second-guessing that data is the most important asset of modern marketers and entrepreneurs. Data utilization is not limited to devising a marketing strategy; instead, it is utilized at all stages of marketing.

As mentioned earlier, an increasing number of organizations are expected to design their marketing campaign with the help of consumer data. The same data will also be used to analyze the performance of their marketing efforts.

To thrive in the future digital marketing landscape, merely collecting data is not enough. To gain the fruits of data-driven marketing, one must also strategically use this data to improve their marketing campaigns.

Predictive data, smarter, scalable, and more flexible datasets, edge computing for faster analysis, and hybrid computing, which combines off-premises and on-premises cloud solutions, are hot topics in digital marketing’s present and future.

Machine learning-driven solutions such as augmented analytics, engineering decision analytics, and data visualization will also be increasingly used for better decision-making, company management, insights, and automation.

Machine Learning

If one requires solutions to improve the outcomes of their digital marketing endeavors, machine learning is the key!

From SEO to social media and email marketing,machine learning can be implemented in all aspects of digital marketing. It helps companies deliver a seamless consumer experience by improving personalisation and extensive data management.

Here are some ways you can utilize9 ML-based applications and techniques to gain maximal outcomes from your digital marketing strategies-

1. Improved customer experience

As you read above, AI-based chatbots can significantly improve your customer experience in your digital marketing process. You can further improve the performance of these chatbots by utilizing machine learning.

AI and ML-enabled software will ensure the seamless functioning of your chatbots and reduce response times substantially.

Once implemented successfully, these chatbots also serve as an incredible source of data collection. The metrics collected by these bots during their interaction with the consumers help you understand user behavior better and can be used to develop successful marketing strategies in the future.

2. Content creation and curation

Even though the evolution of the digital landscape ‘content’ is still the king, it still dominates the marketing world. Without compelling content, there is no staying afloat in the challenging waters of contemporary digital marketing.

Hours of creativity and digging are required for both content production and curation. Machine learning tools can save you a lot of time in this situation, and also assist you in improving the quality of what you write and publish.

Many AI and machine learning-based content creation tools, such as, can help you swiftly research a topic and summarize long documents. The solution, which is based on conversational AI, can continuously optimize the content on your website for improved engagement and experience.

3. Marketing automation

More than 79% of renowned organizations have begun using automation in their marketing efforts in the last three years.

Your marketing approach will be elevated to the next level by incorporating automation. Machine-learning-based tools will help you decode and learn from trends, recommend actions based on history and previous experiences, and provide reliable analytics to assist you in developing plans and taking actions that deliver results.

With the use of machine learning, human intervention can be eliminated from the following tasks

  • Customer segmentation
  • Pitching
  • Follow-ups
  • Email marketing.
  • Performance analytics of the marketing campaigns
  • Error detection

4. More optimized advertising

Traditionally an AD campaign requires human efforts at all stages. From segmentation of the audience to selecting the platform and running the advertisement, every task is carried out by a human. This increases the chances of errors, and sometimes the Ads do not deliver to the expectations.

You can pitch well-optimized ads to your audience using AI-based advertising technologies like Facebook Ads or Google Ads. They enable you to target the right audience for your ad and drastically reduce your advertising costs.

How Will Traditional SEO Cop With New Trends?

Digital marketing trends are undergoing a paradigm shift, and so are its aspects. It makes one wonder how the marketing practices like traditional SEO will cope with the changes.

Here are our solutions for keeping your SEO strategies relevant to the emerging trends mentioned above.

Voice Search

Nearly 122.7 million online searchers are expected to use the feature in 2022. Hence the first and foremost step to keeping your SEO campaigns up-to-date is to optimise for voice search.
Your website must be set up to deliver rich snippet information to search engines in response to questions asked by voice assistants. This will need FAQ sections, optimisation for mobile devices etc.

Authoritative Content

‘Content’ can no longer be random text to fill the pages of your site, and your content needs to be authoritative to rank high on the search engines in the AI-powered digital landscape.

Create content that people want to read, and while you have their attention, sell your products and services. To further increase your credibility, collaborate with other credible sources. Better UX Is a Must

Improved user experience is paramount for increasing organic search traffic. It is one of the most important factors that search engines consider when ranking your site on search results pages.

Improving the user experience by reducing loading times, incorporating videos, and avoiding stock photos all contribute to attracting new consumers and increasing search traffic.

Local Search

During the pandemic, clients extensively used local search to identify businesses that were open or that provided delivery services. Despite the world returning to normal, Local searches are predicted to be relevant for many years.

Therefore, your brand needs to appear at the top of the page for local searchers, either through rich snippets or by appearing on the first page of their results.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope that this article helps you gain the necessary insights into the future trends of digital marketing. To stay on top of these trends and avail maximal outcomes from your digital endeavors, Contact the experts of ZealousWeb today!