Converting contact form submissions into PDF documents can be a daunting task. Are you looking for a more straightforward way to transform your valuable form data into professional-looking, polished PDFs? Look no further! We proudly present “Generate PDF,” the game-changing tool designed to streamline your workflow and revolutionize how you handle form data.

“Generate PDF” is a game-changing solution that simplifies your workflow and eliminates the need for manual data collection. As a WordPress developer or user, you understand the importance of automation and efficiency. That’s why we’ve created this remarkable tool to revolutionize how you handle your valuable form data.

Best Practices for Effective Form-to-PDF Conversion

  • Optimizing PDF File Size

To ensure efficient storage and faster document processing, it is essential to optimize the size of generated PDF files. This can be achieved by implementing several best practices. First, it is important to minimize image file sizes by compressing them without compromising quality.

Choosing the appropriate file formats for images and graphics within the PDF, such as JPEG or PNG, can help maintain optimal file size. Removing unnecessary elements like form fields, graphics, or annotations that do not contribute to the document’s purpose also helps reduce the file size. By optimizing PDF file size, businesses can enhance storage efficiency and streamline document handling.

  • Ensuring Data Accuracy and Security

Maintaining the accuracy and security of the form data being converted into PDFs is paramount. To achieve this, businesses should implement data accuracy and security best practices. Validating form data before conversion ensures that all required fields are correctly filled, reducing the risk of inaccurate information in the resulting PDF documents.

Handling sensitive information securely is critical, mainly when forms contain personal or financial data. Encryption, secure data transmission, and compliance with data protection regulations are essential to protect sensitive information.

Regularly updating software and plugins, including PDF generation plugins, helps address security vulnerabilities and ensures the implementation of the latest security patches. Backing up and storing form submissions and generated PDFs safeguards against data loss or corruption.

By adhering to these practices, businesses can prioritize data accuracy and security throughout the form-to-PDF conversion process, maintaining integrity and compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

What is “Generate PDF with Contact Form 7 pro”?

Generate PDF with Contact Form 7 Pro is a powerful WordPress plugin developed by ZealousWeb. It is designed to simplify generating PDF documents from submissions made through Contact Form 7.

This plugin offers a range of features that enhance the functionality of Contact Form 7 and enable seamless PDF generation. With Generate PDF, users can effortlessly convert form submissions into professional-looking PDF documents.

The plugin allows for easy configuration of PDF generation settings, including customizing the layout and design of the PDFs. It provides the ability to download the PDF document directly after form submission, opening it in a new tab for easy access.

Use Cases

  • Quote Requests

Generate PDF with Contact Form 7 Pro simplifies the process of handling quote requests. When a customer submits a quote request form through Contact Form 7, the plugin converts the form data into a professional PDF document.

This PDF includes all the relevant details provided by the customer, such as their contact information, requested products or services, and any additional notes. The generated PDF can be easily downloaded or sent as an email attachment, ensuring businesses can efficiently manage and respond to quote requests with polished and visually appealing documents.

  • Appointment Confirmations

With Generate PDF with Contact Form 7 Pro, businesses can automate the generation of appointment confirmation documents. When customers book appointments through Contact Form 7, the plugin instantly converts the form data into a PDF confirmation document.

This document contains essential appointment details, including the date, time, location, and specific instructions or requirements. The PDF confirmation can be easily shared with customers, providing them with a professional and tangible record of their scheduled appointment.

  • Event Registrations

Generate PDF with Contact Form 7 Pro streamlines the event registration process. When attendees register for an event using Contact Form 7, the plugin converts the registration form data into a PDF document.

This PDF captures all the necessary information provided by the attendees, such as their names, contact details, event preferences, and any additional questions or comments. Event organizers can conveniently download and store the PDF registrations, ensuring a comprehensive and organized record of attendees for seamless event management.

  • Service Requests

Managing service requests becomes more efficient with Generate PDF and Contact Form 7 Pro. When customers submit service request forms through Contact Form 7, the plugin automatically converts the form data into a PDF document.

This PDF includes all the relevant details related to the service request, such as the requested service type, customer contact information, preferred dates, and any specific requirements or instructions. The generated PDF facilitates easy tracking, documentation, and communication between service providers and customers, ensuring prompt and accurate service delivery.

  • Application Submissions

Generate PDF with Contact Form 7 Pro simplifies the handling of application submissions. Whether it’s for educational institutions, job portals, or other application-based platforms, the plugin automates the conversion of application form data into PDF files.

The PDF document includes all the information provided by the applicant, such as personal details, qualifications, work experience, and any supporting documents. This streamlines the application review process, making it easier for administrators to assess and process applications while maintaining a standardized format for all submissions.

Generate PDF with Contact Form 7 Pro enhances various aspects of business operations by seamlessly converting form data into professional PDF documents. It facilitates streamlined handling of quote requests, appointment confirmations, event registrations, and service requests.

Advanced Features

  • Conditional PDF Generation

Generate PDF with Contact Form 7 Pro offers the advanced feature of conditional PDF generation. This means that PDF documents can be dynamically generated based on specific conditions or user input.

Administrators can define rules and criteria within the plugin’s settings to determine which PDF template or format should be generated. This feature allows for personalized and tailored PDF documents based on different scenarios, enhancing the flexibility and customization options for generating PDFs from Contact Form 7 submissions.

By leveraging conditional PDF generation, businesses can automate the creation of technical documents based on varying criteria, streamlining workflows and enhancing user experiences.

  • Incorporating Dynamic Data in PDFs

Another powerful feature of Generate PDF with Contact Form 7 Pro is the ability to incorporate dynamic data from the form into the generated PDFs. This feature allows for the seamless integration of form input data within the PDF document itself.

Administrators can define placeholders or merge tags within the PDF template, and when the form is submitted, these placeholders are replaced with the corresponding data. This enables the generation of personalized PDFs that contain dynamically populated fields, such as customer names, dates, or any other form input.

By incorporating dynamic data in PDFs, businesses can create highly customized and data-rich documents that are relevant to each form submission, providing a more personalized and professional experience for users.

These advanced features of Generate PDF with Contact Form 7 Pro elevate the capabilities of the plugin, enabling businesses to go beyond basic form-to-PDF conversion. The conditional PDF generation feature allows for flexible document creation based on specific conditions while incorporating dynamic data enhances the level of personalization and customization in the generated PDFs.

These features empower businesses to automate complex document generation workflows and deliver tailored PDF documents to meet the unique needs of their users.

Enhancing PDF Output and Branding

  • Customizing Headers, Footers, and Watermarks

Generate PDF with Contact Form 7 Pro offers robust customization options for headers, footers, and watermarks in the generated PDFs. Administrators can personalize the appearance and layout of these elements to align with their brand identity or specific requirements.

Custom headers and footers can include company logos, contact information, page numbers, or any desired text or graphics. Watermarks can be added to the PDFs to provide an additional layer of branding or security. By customizing headers, footers, and watermarks, businesses can ensure that the PDF output reflects their brand and maintains a consistent visual identity.

  • Adding Logos and Branding Elements to PDFs

Generate PDF with Contact Form 7 Pro enables the seamless integration of logos and other branding elements into the generated PDFs. Administrators can upload their company logo or other relevant graphics to be automatically included in the PDF documents.

This feature allows businesses to enhance their brand presence and professionalism in the PDF output. By incorporating logos and branding elements, the PDFs become visually cohesive with the company’s overall brand identity. This helps to create a strong brand association and fosters a sense of trust and recognition among users who interact with PDF documents.

By leveraging the customization options for headers, footers, watermarks, logos, and branding elements provided by Generate PDF with Contact Form 7 Pro, businesses can enhance the visual appeal, branding consistency, and professionalism of their PDF output. These features allow for a more immersive and branded user experience, reinforcing the company’s identity and creating a lasting impression on recipients of the PDF documents.


Generate PDF with Contact Form 7 Pro by ZealousWeb is a powerful WordPress plugin that revolutionizes generating PDF documents from Contact Form 7 submissions. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, businesses can effortlessly convert form data into professional PDFs, streamlining various operations and enhancing user experiences.

The plugin offers a range of benefits, including the ability to generate PDFs for quote requests, appointment confirmations, event registrations, service requests, and application submissions. It empowers WordPress users, whether they are developers or simply users, who are tired of manually collecting and managing data.

Moreover, Generate PDF with Contact Form 7 Pro goes beyond basic form-to-PDF conversion. It provides advanced features such as conditional PDF generation, allowing for dynamic document creation based on specific conditions. The ability to incorporate dynamic data within the PDFs adds a personalized touch, delivering customized documents tailored to each form submission.