Content is the king of the entire SEO kingdom! Every minute on the internet space witnesses loads of videos, photographs, tweets and other forms of content being uploaded. The content just keeps on pouring on the internet with very few knowing what is to be done with it. However, with loads of content, there arises an issue of not understanding how to find relevancy. It creates the sense and need for content curation. Ideally, content curation techniques must be so strategic that it helps users pass through your sales funnel. The solution for organizations is to present this content in a solid, organized and meaningful manner depending upon the stages of funnels. This is where we come to the aspect of content curation.

How To Influence Buyers With Content Curation Techniques?

The job of a content curator is slightly different than that of a content writer. A smart content curator continually finds, groups, organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on a specific issue online to influence buyers and help them make buying decisions through engaging and relevant content.

This is how strategic content curation takes place, take a look!

Understanding Content Curation

Content curation is a method that sorts through loads of content that is present on the web and presents it in an organized and meaningful manner, circled around some specific theme. This work is inclusive of sifting through the content, sorting it, arranging it properly and then publishing it over the internet for readers to read. The content curators will cherry-pick only the best of content which is relevant as well as important for sharing with their respective communities.

For explaining with an example, this is similar to what the museum curators do. They pick the perfect theme, provide context to it and decide which painting needs to be hanged on the wall. They also decide how this needs to be displayed for better understanding from the public perspective.

Understanding Buyer Persona And Funnel Stages

Inbound marketing works on the principles of understanding of buyer persona and the stages of their journey. The buyer’s journey can be divided up into three different stages; Awareness, Consideration and Decision. Each stage dictates the type of content a buyer would typically consume. So, it is ideal and imperative to create a buyer persona and define their journey stages. This is the most important stage of content curation. If you know what your buyer is looking for and why, you can easily win them and generate a lead through your web content marketing.

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Best Practices For Content Curation

Vendors or businesses strive hard for making most of their marketing strategies and content creations. However, it is important that they use some standard and proven practices of web content curation that can help boost their revenue.

Picking Relevant Topics

Picking up good topics is art. It is necessary that the topic you choose aligns perfectly with the interests of your audience.

For example, if you are in the business of manufacturing and selling cold drinks, you should pick up content that revolves around satisfying thirst. You might want to create web content that explains how cold drinks help sportspersons and athletes to help delay or reduce the rise in body temperature that may hinder endurance or strength training. Here, sportspersons and athletes are your buyer personas! And through visual content or engaging motion graphics, you can influence them to invest in your cold drinks.

Further, content curation has to relate to what the company is able to delve deep and own via its personal experiences and leadership. Overall speaking, the topic needs to be one that is brewing in media circles. This is sure to create opportunities for the company.

Selective Approach

You have to keep in mind that just piping in content is not important. You have to understand how you can make more out of less content with the use of correct content curation techniques.

Adding Value

Organizations have to integrate their unique narrative about specific topics and bring forth aspects that an article might have missed out.

Referring Cross Channels

Buyers these days refer to multiple channels for acquiring required information and know about what is in sync with the current trends. This makes it mandatory that you are able to share content on different channels to achieve a wider reach.

Finally, it is vital that you call for action from visitors. The blog, article or web content needs to entice buyers to take action. Content curation is more important than just content creation. It can provide you with exactly what you need in terms of revenue as visitors will love to visit your blogs or sites due to the presence of crisp, relevant and precise web content.

Signing Off

Content curation re-purposes the content for dishing out correct ingredients; thus providing a perfect base for web content marketing. However, content curation is something more than simple aggregating or amassing of content for marketers. It adds value by re-purposing and analyzing every information piece and rendering a perfect information base for your potential buyers.