ZealousWeb’s Musical Experience at WordCamp 3.0

ZealousWeb’s Musical Experience at WordCamp 3.0

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WordPress enthusiasts peppy-up to the name of WordCamp just as a child lights-up to the name of Santa bringing in gifts on the eve of Christmas, and it brings the community absolute joy to organize this event year after year.

This ebullient community-powered get-together took place on the 14th and 15th of December at the Pandit Deendayal Upadhayay Auditorium. ZealousWeb had the opportunity to hold a booth at the event consequential to our title as the Jazz(Gold) Sponsorer. The festivities began on 13th December with a pre-WordCamp dinner for all the sponsorers and speakers. It was a night of clinking our glasses together in appreciation of the organizers, in anticipation of a weekend brimming with new and useful information, and a plethora of take-aways. We spoke to as many dignitaries as we could- given the constricting nature of time- learned a great deal and made friends that we would cherish. The night of the dinner was truly musical, justifying the poetic theme of WordCamp 3.0.

We parted ways and snuck into our beds, anticipating the day of WordCamp 3.0. 14th December- the registrations began at 08:00 AM, and the enthusiasts came in to collect their swags, and sponsorers came to set-up their booth for the next 8 hours. ZealousWeb walked in just as the gates opened and decorated the booth with utmost panache. We put in banners and a sound system with a mic for a surprise that would take it’s course after enthusiasts had flooded the stand.

ZealousWeb’s swag for the day were swanky T-shirts printed with the ZealousWeb logo, and the steps to obtain them were simple. Everybody who mentioned us in their Insta Story and subscribed to our Youtube Channel would score our T-shirt.

Amidst a swamp of people clicking selfies and punching in our hashtag, we turned up the volume and Zumba-ed to the beats of western music and Garba songs. We chose to perform a Flash Mob in the face of Zumba since we believe in the idea of #FitnessWithFun and wanted to impart this to all our pal’s within the IT industry. We executed the flash mob twice during the entire event and tried to spread a smile and a Zumba habit.

During our time at the booth, we met people from various backgrounds and networked on a professional level. It is safe to say that some of us opened our LinkedIn connections to a few more that day.

We took turns to listen to the speakers for that day and took copious notes about each of their topics. The line-up of speakers was not overly formal, but it consisted of people we could relate to, and that’s what, we believe, led to the success of this version of WordCamp.

At the end of the event, with our belly full of breakfast, lunch, and high-tea, we packed-up for this edition of WordCamp; but the after-party was remaining. The After-Party was a breezy affair where everybody donned their party hats and danced to the rhythm of live music. The venue, Vastrapur Amphitheater, played its charm in relaxing every enthusiast under that starry sky.

The representative team of ZealousWeb witnessed the exhilaration of all the enthusiasts and was inspired to see the community thrive to such an extent.

We would like to thank and appreciate the entire team of organizers of WordCamp 3.0 for achieving such heights and making it memorable for us.

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