RACE Planning To Elevate Your Healthcare Digital Marketing

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Doctors also need to do marketing! Yes, each and every business and profession needs to do so. Most of the professional services prefer offline marketing. Offline marketing comprises banners in public places, radio ads and testimonials in newspapers, promotion of events on television, and similar others. Pretty much all are aware of how it works, what sort of cost it attracts, and what benefits it can bring. But, is this enough on today’s date? Simple, NO. There is a dire need for digital marketing services too. However, when it comes to digital marketing, it is inexpensive and an effective way of marketing compared to traditional methods. Top of it, by curating buyer persona and applying marketing funnels, you can reach your target audience and engage with them. Well, every industry has its unique style of how they operate. Accordingly, digital marketers have to shape their marketing strategy and visualize funnels as per customer journey stages. If it sounds too technical to you for your clinical promotion, let’s deep dive into marketing funnels for the healthcare industry and RACE Framework. RACE stands for reach, act, convert and engage.

Closing Thoughts

In all, a strategic plan results in desired results. Ensure that whatever strategy you may go for to promote your practice – measure, test, and optimize your strategy based on the actual results. Healthcare digital marketing is, after all, not a one time job. It’s an ongoing journey if you are on your way to your clinic’s digital transformation, and check out our digital marketing packages


Is the RACE framework the same as an inbound marketing funnel?

It is a similar and simplified version of an inbound marketing funnel. Dr. Dave Chaffey developed the RACE framework in 2012 to help brands engage their customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

Can I apply this strategy to my dental clinic?

Yes, of course. It caters to the entire healthcare sector. If you face any practical challenge, we are just an email away. Drop your query at

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