RACE Planning To Elevate Your Healthcare Digital Marketing

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Do you want to attract more customers? Do you wish to retain the existing patients? Well, doctors also need to do marketing! Yes, each and every business and profession needs to do so. Most of the professional services prefer offline marketing. Offline marketing comprises banners in public places, radio ads and testimonials in newspapers, promotion of events on television, and similar others. Pretty much all are aware of how it works, what sort of cost it attracts, and what benefits it can bring. But, is this enough on today’s date? Simple, NO. There is a dire need for digital marketing services for healthcare too. 

However, when it comes to healthcare digital marketing, it is inexpensive and an effective way of marketing compared to traditional methods. Top of it, by curating buyer persona and applying marketing funnels, you can reach your target audience and engage with them. Well, every industry has its unique style of how they operate. Accordingly, healthcare digital marketers have to shape their marketing strategy and visualize funnels as per customer journey stages. If it sounds too technical to you for your clinical promotion, let’s deep dive into marketing funnels for the healthcare industry and RACE Framework. RACE stands for reach, act, convert and engage.

How hospitals, clinics, and independent practitioners can use the RACE healthcare digital marketing framework?


Your patients


  • Build an eusy-to-navigate and mobile-first website
  • Publish Informative Blog that Covers helth tips and send them via emails
  • Promote health videos that inspire and educate target patient group
  • Have strong SEO Website attributes that pleases search engines
  • Create an engaging social media strategy that boosts followers


Interact with them

Landing Page Optimization

  • Check google analytics and draw insights
  • Improve on bounce rates based on those insights
  • A/B test leading copy for content, design and CTA
  • Use chatbot on the website and landing page; not everyone fill up the inquiry form.


Serve them with your consultation

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Showcase FAQ related to their health concerns
  • Heighlight treatment benifites on your landing page
  • Display related patient’s treatments success stories
  • Heighlight happy patients testimonisls
  • Offer free consultation
  • Use retargeting ads for the patients who left the website without tacking any action


Retaiin them and be in constant touch

Content Marketing | Email Marketing Social CRM

  • Do not just stop after stop treating your patient
  • Ask them to share feedback via Google and Facebook reviews
  • Evaluate online feedback and improve upon grey areas if any
  • Respond to every comment, be it positive and constructive
  • Send them regular (and relevant ) newsletters
  • Regularly and proactively monitor your active presence on SERPs and social media platform on SERPs and social media platforms

Closing Thoughts

In all, a strategic plan results in desired results. Ensure that whatever strategy you may go for to promote your practice – measure, test, and optimize your strategy based on the actual results. Healthcare digital marketing is, after all, not a one time job. It’s an ongoing journey if you are on your way to your clinic’s digital transformation, and check out our digital marketing packages

With healthcare digital marketing solutions, you can drive quality leads to your brand. Effective digital marketing for healthcare can increase the chances of becoming visible on the top page of Google and other search engines. 


Is the RACE framework the same as an inbound marketing funnel?

It is a similar and simplified version of an inbound marketing funnel. Dr. Dave Chaffey developed the RACE framework in 2012 to help brands engage their customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

Can I apply this strategy to my dental clinic?

Yes, of course. It caters to the entire healthcare sector. If you face any practical challenge, we are just an email away. Drop your query at

Can digital healthcare marketing help to increase patient flow?

Effective healthcare digital marketing strategies can ensure that your potential patients find you. Digital healthcare marketing can attract new leads and convert them into patients, keeping your practice running well. 

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  1. Agnes Blessy says:

    Great insights from the author. Succeeding with healthcare digital marketing and bringing more potential patients is a challenging task in this competitive world. A strategic planning process is crucial to outperform our competitors, and that’s what RACE planning, an omnichannel marketing framework offers for every healthcare digital marketing professional. If you plan your healthcare digital marketing process in the same way suggested in this article, it definitely improves your healthcare business online and helps you get the desired results.

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    • Andy says:

      RACE planning system is the next-generation practical framework to improve the businesses’ digital marketing efforts. With technological advancements, healthcare providers should look for the latest digital marketing trends and optimize their processes to enable value creation for the patients and peers.

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  2. Subhra Sankha Deb says:

    I completely agree with the point that there is a dire need of healthcare digital marketing services for the healthcare industry. Offline marketing is not cost effective and in the digital era it is more preferable to go for digital marketing. Healthcare digital marketing is a buzz in the healthcare industry today. Every healthcare professional wants to go for digital marketing.

    However, before adopting digital marketing as the option to market your healthcare products or services, it requires proper planning and building up a strategy to implement it in an effective way. It is also rightly mentioned in the article that healthcare marketing professionals have to shape their marketing strategy based on the various journey stages of the customers.

    There are various steps mentioned in the article which are being termed as RACE (reach, act, convert and engage). Proper implementation of these steps would help in ensuring that the end goals of the organization are met effectively.

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  3. Marilyn Jackson says:

    I agree that RACE helps to streamline the planning and measurement of digital marketing strategy for healthcare service providers. The initial phase of RACE is “PRACE.” (Plan) > Reach > Act > Convert > Engage. The initial phase of the Plan is a vital component of overall healthcare digital marketing as it helps the service providers engage their audience and build patient loyalty also.

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  4. Pranav Avsatthi says:

    With my point of view, establishing an online presence is crucial for the growth of your healthcare business because it helps you to reach out to a larger audience who spends time online. This article provides all the vital information about today’s healthcare digital marketing strategies that can utilized for promoting the healthcare industry with effective solutions. We all have seen the growth of digital transformation in healthcare sector.

    Digital marketing for healthcare bridges the gap between patients and doctors, improving the medical and healthcare service offerings. There’s no doubt that RACE marketing strategy can offer endless benefits and help clinics and hospitals achieve their SEO goals. Looking forward to read more and more on this topic.

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  5. Sam Michael says:

    Most of the doctors and hospitals don’t have a proper SEO strategy. In today’s competitive world, healthcare digital marketing is an important and inevitable part of any business. RACE (Reach, Act, Convert, Engage) model can offer the right approach to such businesses by helping them reach the target audience. RACE not only helps brands engage the audience but also helps them build long term relationships with their customers. Doctors and physicians should adopt an omnichannel approach for digital marketing.

    Explore more insights here:

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  6. Narendrasingh Chauhan says:

    I’m sure a lot of physicians and doctors are still missing out the opportunities for healthcare digital marketing. They are still unaware of the benefits of digital and online marketing for the healthcare and medical industry. It’s high time they should optimize the existing processes and incorporate new strategies to reap the maximum benefits from digital marketing.

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    • Adam says:

      Being a digital marketer, I come across a lot of physicians and physical therapists who have not been using online marketing. When the whole world is going digital, this is the right time to invest in digital marketing services, and stand apart from your competitors. No matter how good the doctors’ practice may be, they still need healthcare digital marketing solutions to provide the right message to the target audience. Now, it’s time to put your healthcare digital marketing in the hands of an experienced agency to reap the maximum benefits.

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    • Rohan says:

      Along with the mission of saving people’s lives and delivering the best healthcare services, medical professionals are looking for the best ways to promote their services. Successful healthcare service providers are adopting the latest digital marketing practices such as social media marketing, responsive sites, and video marketing to stay ahead of the competition. As doctors, dentists, physical therapists and physicians do not have the expertise or time for planning digital marketing activities, they rely on expert digital marketing agencies to help them acquire new patients and build long-term relationships with existing patients.

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  7. Pooja Lakum says:

    In today’s digital world, patients have got access to a lot of health information before they visit a doctor or a medical practitioner. Before picking their phone to call the healthcare experts, they prefer to do some research over the internet and collect all the possible information about the specialists they are planning to visit.

    How do medical providers impress the clients? How can doctors and physicians retain patient loyalty? Effective healthcare digital marketing can help small, medium, and large-sized medical practitioners witness impressive growth.

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  8. Alex says:

    The 5 Basic rules for healthcare digital marketing:
    1. Keep in mind the target audience
    2. Retain the human element
    3. Results take time and efforts
    4. Consistency is the key
    5. Test, measure, and plan

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  9. Jane says:

    Careful planning and solid white hat strategies can drive additional traffic to your healthcare business. SEO, PPC, reputation management, and online marketing can help you get potential leads that can be converted into long term patients. Healthcare digital marketing can definitely help you build and maintain a solid reputation online.

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  10. Joe Peter says:

    Applying digital healthcare marketing for your medical practice can help you grow and stay profitable. Best digital marketing practices for healthcare can drive traffic to the site and help you get qualified leads.

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