Pay Per Click (PPC) has proved itself to be one of the very potent and lucrative form of paid advertisement in the world of digital marketing. If used effectively and correctly, PPC is an arsenal that can generate some amazing results for the business. Significant rise in revenue, increase in website traffic, more conversion rates along with your business covering more ground than ever. Read this blog, PPC – A GAME CHANGER OR NOT? to get a better insight on how PPC works and its effectiveness. In the marketing world like any other strategy, nothing is permanent, things over here changes very quickly. It is very important to make sure that the current PPC campaigns are effective and latest. In order to keep up such success rate, you have to be at the top of the game all time.

Follow the current trends of 2014 to make sure you have a successful PPC campaign:-

Simplicity Wins

The most common misconception in the marketing world is about the banner to lure people towards the product or service. People think that flashy, tacky colorful and bright banners attract more people and they are more prone to click such advertisements. However, the results are completely opposite.

The more salient approach is what people want today. Whether you visit a tax filing website or doing online shopping, there is specific space that permits online advertisements. Surveys suggest, that people are less likely to click on flashy advertisement, as they feel such ads are hindering their online experience.

Overall, people click on ads with colors and not the ones with text, however, in 2014, they look for more targeted, salient and direct message in the advertisement, compared to flashy banners.

The Social Media Approach

Any good advertisement is not effective until and unless it gets the right exposure and is viewed by targeted audience. And to reach such audience, weaving in social media is mandatory. Social media is the perfect platform to create the brand name. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumpleUpon are some of the places to generate brand awareness. To understand in detail about the importance of social media for soaring business. Through social media you can target specific audience and get the desired exposure.

The social media platform is also integrated with specific algorithms where you can spend money and promote your ad under specified budget. For a successful PPC campaign, social media is a must. Social media can help you target the specific metrics you are looking to boost.

Keep an Eye Out for BING

As far as the ad space for PPC is concerned, Google has dominated it for years now, and still it continues to do so. Bing has threatened and challenged Google’s PPC monopoly since 2013. State of Paid Search for Bing, stated that, ‘Bing had 60% growth since 2013 compared to Google’s which was 29%.’

The prime reason for Bing getting such exposure and growth is the lack of competition. Bing appeals more to the advertisers as they face less competition when it comes to bidding. And as the Cost Per Click (CPC) is less, they can use that extra money on other prospects. With that extra money they can have more robust and appealing advertisement campaign, giving them a strong foothold in the market. New updates from Google in the campaigns and device management is still new to the users, on the contrary Bing offers more flexibility and more customized experience.

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Mobile Revolution

With all the websites being more tended towards responsive web design, paid mobile advertisements are an issue for advertisers. Some ads are only available in desktop versions, but not viewed in any other mobile device. In 2013 it was reported that,‘smartphones impressions increased by 60% and 42% for tablets, but clicks and the spend were lesser with 30% and 26% respectively.’

The above statistics make one thing very clear, that more and more user are viewing ads through mobile devices, but the advertisers are not spending more money to maximize the potential. Still, the advertisers are skeptical about spending more money behind mobile marketing, but it is high time they start doing it now, as people surf internet while on the go. To have the campings perform at its full potential it is very important to cover all the aspects. Mobile and tablets are one of the most important ones.

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In a nutshell, PPC campaigns are more inclined towards more social platforms and mobile landscape this year. One way to ensure definite success is to stay ahead of time. The above tips are still in the initial phases, but if early implemented, they can generate some wonderful results when they are up and running at their peak.

Good Luck!