Acquire more patients with external link building

How To Acquire More Patients Online With External Link Building?

March 29, 2024Posted By: Sailesh Bhambhani
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Numerous options are available for healthcare providers to attract more patients online. You must be wondering why they are putting in the effort. The answer is pretty straightforward. With more than 50% of patients booking appointments online, healthcare practices are finding ways to capitalize on this opportunity.

In the modern digital landscape, social media platforms and search engines generate significant revenues for every business, including healthcare practices. Hence, most of your competitors will take their business online and invest in healthcare digital marketing to earn quality organic traffic and higher conversions.

For instance, you can opt for SEO, content, email, social media marketing, or online reputation management to obtain more leads and appointments. They all help healthcare providers earn quality traffic and conversions in distinctive ways.

However, these are standard services that almost every healthcare practice invests in, and opting for them will make you end up in the loop. If you really want to edge past competitors and establish your solid online presence and authority, this blog is for you.

We will discuss one of the most powerful patient acquisition techniques for healthcare practices to obtain a competitive edge: external link building. We will shed light on how you can acquire more patients online by incorporating it into your healthcare marketing strategy.

Let’s transform your practice’s online presence by enriching your knowledge of the link-building world and how to make it work for your practice.

Let’s first understand external link building. It is a strategic technique in SEO that involves earning quality hyperlinks from third-party industry-relevant websites to your site.

Healthcare link building is pivotal for practices as nearly 80% of patients use the Internet to search for medical information and research healthcare practices in their vicinity to book appointments and seek treatment.

Hence, external link building is an excellent tactic to direct potential patients directly to your site and services. These hyperlinks are fundamentally endorsements that bolster your practice’s credibility and instill trustworthiness in your website.

Moreover, securing links from reputable healthcare sources and related fields helps your practice enjoy increased visibility and authority in search engine results. Incorporating link-building into your medical SEO strategies will boost your online presence and attract more patients.

However, certain tips and best practices must be followed to ensure maximum ROI from link building, which we will share in the upcoming sections. So stay tuned!

External link building is the unsung hero of the movie and plays a decisive role in the success of digital marketing strategies. Its importance lies in creating a massive impact on your healthcare practice’s online authority and SEO.

When a highly reputed website links to your site, it shares a fair portion of its credibility. This amplifies your website’s perceived goodwill and augments your practice’s search engine rankings.

Moreover, external link-building is essential to establish your practice’s reliability and instill trust in patients. Both are decisive factors in the patient’s decision-making process and choice of healthcare provider.

Acquiring links from reputable medical sites, healthcare blogs and articles, and medical publications sends positive signals to potential patients that your practice is dependable and respected by healthcare professionals.

Furthermore, healthcare link-building proliferates your practice reach, enabling you to reach an extensive audience. It increases the probability of captivating patients and penetrates niche segments that may not have found you through traditional methods.

For instance, getting your practice mentioned in a local, reputable, and highly preferred healthcare magazine or news platform (site) will generate significant organic traffic to your website. This strategic visibility won’t fade away in a fortnight. It will give you ongoing returns to establish authority in a highly competitive market.

In the last section, we will share result-oriented tips on maximizing patient acquisition and earning quality traffic to your site through external link building.

Local SEO & Mobile Optimization

The foremost way to acquire more patients is to optimize local SEO, which will help you get listed in local online directories and healthcare-related community events. These generate excellent opportunities, as more local websites will link back to your site.

Also, ensuring your healthcare website is mobile-friendly contributes to the tremendous amount of local searches coming from mobile devices.

Collaboration With Healthcare Influencers

Do you know that nearly 50% of consumers’ decisions are shaped by influencer recommendations? The same applies to the healthcare industry. Hence, you can partner with industry-specific influencers to create content to attract local communities.

This leads to a high number of content shares across social media platforms and broadens your practice reach. Influencers are often viewed as trusted public figures and ideal for attaching a layer of trust and authority to your practice.

The next tip we suggest is regularly participating in health-associated forums and discussions on platforms like Quora and related websites. You can answer queries asked by patients to provide them with needed information.

The more helpful your answers are, the higher authority they will create for your practice, and you will emerge as an industry expert. Ensure you cleverly incorporate your site link with relevant answers so readers can visit your website to explore more information.

Patient Feedback And Case Studies

Do you know that nearly 90% of patients are influenced by positive reviews and five-star ratings on healthcare provider profiles? Yes, you read that right. Hence, encourage satisfied patients to share their positive experiences through stories or posts on their social media platforms and add your practice social media handle username or link.

It will not only help you broaden your reach but also generate potential appointments through positive testimonials. You can even write case studies and mention the patient’s name with their consent. And request that they share on their social media platforms to earn quality traffic.

Create Captivating Content

Last but not the least. It is crucial to develop engaging, interactive, informative, and value-driven content in the form of comprehensive resources, such as guides or research studies relevant to your services and healthcare industry. Such content is illustrious for naturally attracting high-quality backlinks due to its uniqueness and worthiness.

Moreover, you can engage with professional associations to promote your content and reach suitable patients. Also, ensure you craft content in alignment with the latest healthcare news, updates, and trends, as it will make your content relevant and address current topics.

Such content has a significant chance of being linked to healthcare news platforms and blog sites.

After implementing the above healthcare link-building tips, you will experience enhancement in your practice’s SEO efforts and establish credibility as a trustworthy information source that organically attracts potential patients.


After reading the blog, you will have learned about external link building and its importance for your healthcare practice. It is essential to get a firm grip on the art of patient acquisition techniques, especially link building, to bridge the gap between you and prospective patients.

Remember, external links for clinics are not only limited to increasing traffic to the website; it’s more about building trust and confidence in patients and readers about your practice. It will make them return to your website and read articles on third-party sites mentioning your practice name or link. All this contributes to lasting relationships and generates quality references.

However, if you have any questions or need more clarification about healthcare link building packages, feel free to contact us.

At ZealousWeb, we have helped 100s of businesses and healthcare providers acquire premier-quality backlinks from third-party industry-relevant websites and sources. Our SEO experts are well-versed in patient acquisition techniques and know the importance of quality backlinks.

Hence, they invest considerable time, best practices, and tips to help you maximize ROI by incorporating link building in your medical SEO strategies. Moreover, we provide complete assistance if you want paid link-building from reputable healthcare sources.

To request a quotation for our link-building and SEO services, contact us at hello@zealousweb.com. We are happy to help!


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