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How To Skyrocket Your Hospital’s Social Media Engagement?

March 14, 2024Posted By: Sailesh Bhambhani
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Let us start this blog with a wild guess that you used a social media app before coming here to read. If your answer is Yes in your mind, let us tell you it’s very common nowadays.

In fact, it has become part of our daily routine. You will be surprised to know that an average social media user spends around 150 minutes surfing on social media platforms daily. It’s more than the time we spent consuming breakfast, lunch, and dinner altogether.

Nonetheless, the USA has over 300 million social media users, of which Facebook is the most popular, with nearly 75% of adults active. According to a study, Gen Z users in the US spend over five hours every week on Instagram, and nearly 70% of Instagrammers in the US are under 34 years of age.

All these figures have played a massive role in consumers’ and patients’ transition to social media platforms for buying and appointment booking, respectively. Nearly 90% of patients in the US are using social media platforms for healthcare information, and it plays a predominant role in their decision-making.

Also, over 40% of patients turn to social media for appointment booking and shortlist which doctor to visit for medical assistance. If you are running a hospital in the USA and looking to drive more conversions, hospital social media engagement is one of the best ways you should definitely consider.

However, it is not easy to reach potential patients seeking healthcare services due to fierce competition on digital platforms, as other hospitals are also switching to social media for higher engagement and appointments.

Hence, it is crucial to master the art of breaking through the competition to connect with patients and stakeholders. If you are wondering what strategies and techniques are involved to elevate your hospital’s social media engagement, you can sit back and continue reading this blog.

We will share innovative strategies to enhance your social media handle engagement to newer heights. Buckle up to excel in the digital arena and make meaningful impacts on your target audience’s lives.

Strategies To Elevate Your Hospital's Social Media Engagement

Skyrocketing your hospital’s social media engagement requires a strategic blend of creativity, innovation, consistency, and community-focused and location-specific content. In this section, we will share compelling strategies to take your social media engagement to the next level and drive higher conversions.

Understand Your Audience

First, it is pivotal to understand your target audience, including their preferences, needs, and pain points. For that, we suggest segmenting your audience based on demographics, interests, and behavior.

This will help you tailor your content accordingly to connect deeply with the audience. For instance, if your hospital offers pediatric services, craft your content to address the concerns of patients seeking related services.

Content Diversity

Next, invest in engaging hospital social content by diversifying your content into compelling topics to keep your audience engaged.

We suggest opting for a mix of educational posts, success stories, behind-the-scenes at your hospital life, live Q&A sessions, short videos (reels), and infographics with healthcare tips.

It will help you attract a diverse audience with different interests and preferences. The result will be increased interaction and engagement on your posts.

Consistency In Posting And Timing

Many hospitals have lower engagement rates because they post content irregularly. For instance, you posted attention-grabbing and informative content on your social media handles, which gained excellent engagement.

It will make the audience excited for your next post. Posting new content after a week or two will make the captivated audience lose interest.

Hence, develop consistency in posting content and publishing at that time when most users are active to increase visibility. Also, don’t compromise quality over quantity.

Invest In Social Media Ads

Many hospitals think social media ads aren’t effective and don’t give good returns. In reality, utilizing social media ads helps you reach a vast audience, especially those seeking immediate medical assistance, and contributes to brand awareness.

It gives you instant visibility and makes your ads appear at the forefront of social media users, creating a lasting impression in their minds and tempting them to click on the ad.

Nonetheless, you can leverage targeted ad capabilities to reach a specific audience set of desired localities to promote service offerings, events, and health awareness.

Influencer Partnerships

In the contemporary social media world, four out of ten users are influenced by local influencers, bloggers, and their favorite content creators on social media.

Hence, we suggest partnering with your industry-relevant influencers, celebrities, and content creators to increase engagement on your posts.

Also, ensure they align with your hospital’s values and authentically advocate for your service offerings, educational content, and healthcare initiatives.

Engage Directly With Audience

Don’t just post random content for the sake of a high quantity of posts on your social media handles. Make sure to interact with your followers and audience by promptly responding to their comments, messages, and reviews.

Be sure to acknowledge both positive and constructive feedback. It shows you respect every user’s thoughts and opinions, making it a two-way conversation.

Track And Analyze Performance

Next, it is paramount to utilize social media analytics tools to monitor the performance of your social media posts and healthcare campaigns. These tools will give insights into which posts generate higher engagements and which don’t.

Accordingly, you can fine-tune your strategies to boost hospital social media. It is highly beneficial to ensure your content is fresh, relevant, and aligned with the latest trends.

Educational Campaigns

Another potent way to increase social media engagement is to launch healthcare campaigns and events, persuading people to participate and take up health challenges for their betterment.

It will help you spread your message to an extensive audience and educate them with the correct information to make informed health decisions.

Moreover, it will help you build a community of like-minded individuals interested in actively participating and being part of healthcare campaigns.

Leverage User-Generated Content

Lastly, encourage your patients and hospital staff to share their stories and experiences. These are part of user-generated content (UGC), unfiltered, natural, authentic, and crucial in instilling trust in future patients.

Note: Always obtain patient and staff consent before sharing personal stories or images about your hospital.

Implementing the above social media strategies will increase your social media engagement rate. Your hospital will also become a go-to option for a considerable number of patients. Your hospital’s reputation and credibility will be amplified, and meaningful connections will be made with local communities.


The social media landscape is constantly evolving, calling out to stay up-to-date with the new trends, social media platforms, and features to experiment with content and engagement strategies and determine the ideal one for improved patient care outcomes and higher engagement rates.

Also, the strategies we shared in the blog carry significant weight. Hence, consider implementing them to derive desired outcomes. Moreover, a hospital’s social media engagement is an ongoing journey requiring sheer commitment, creativity, and deep comprehension of your audience.

Hence, focus on creating relevant, informative, captivating, and authentic content. Moving forward, we will see hospitals that prioritize social media engagement and work on innovating their strategies will not only stay ahead in the competitive curve but also stand out as leaders in healthcare innovation and patient care.

Nonetheless, you will experience enhanced patient satisfaction and community support. However, if you have any questions or need more tips for your hospital social media engagement, feel free to contact us.

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Our social media advertising for healthcare is designed meticulously by considering your hospital’s goals and specific requirements to ensure you get the intended results.

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