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How To Create Location-Specific Content For Multi-Branch Healthcare Practices?

January 03, 2024Posted By: Sailesh Bhambhani
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With the increasing demand for healthcare services post-COVID-19 and people becoming more health-conscious, healthcare practices have expanded their business operations by opening multiple branches within the city and state to reach a vast audience and offer extensive offerings.

If you have recently opened a new branch of your healthcare practice or already operating multiple branches, your goal will be to drive potential patients for higher revenues.

With nearly 70% of patients preferring booking appointments online after assessing Google My Business (GMB) profiles and social media platforms of healthcare practices, it becomes paramount to utilize healthcare digital marketing to leverage its potential of attracting patients of different localities seeking healthcare services.

SEO is the backbone, and Content is the heart of Digital Marketing. Hence, it is imperative to spend money on content marketing services to create location-specific content for multi-brand healthcare practices.

In this blog, we will share crucial tips to craft location-specific Content for your multiple branches.

Importance of Local SEO for Healthcare Practices

Local SEO is an integral aspect of healthcare practices to increase online visibility, augment search engine rankings, spread brand awareness, and earn potential conversions.

With nearly 46% of searches having local intent and more than 90% of users contacting the business within 24 hours, it becomes pivotal for healthcare practices to implement Local SEO in their Digital Marketing strategy.

It not only gains potential patients’ trust in local surroundings but also nurtures long-term relations with local communities by interacting with them, answering their queries, and sharing informative content and tips. It helps positively influence patients’ decision-making to a significant extent.

Why Should You Create Location-Specific Content for Multiple Branches?

In this section, we will provide compelling reasons for creating location-specific content for multiple branches of your healthcare practice.

Community Trust

Creating location-specific content builds solid trust in the local community. Localized content helps to address local patients’ concerns and gives them a sense of connection when they see content related to their area. They will more likely perceive your healthcare practice for availing services.

Search Engine Visibility

Google and other search engines prioritize location-specific content to make it straightforward to derive intended information.

Hence, creating content in the form of blogs, guest posts, classifieds, local listings, and social media posts with valuable information for particular locations of your city will increase your content visibility and enhance its rankings in SERPs.

Local Expertise

Location-based content showcases to patients that your healthcare practice is specialized in catering services to local areas. It also helps to highlight the expertise of healthcare professionals at each branch and creates differentiation, resulting in the establishment of local authority in medical care.

Local Demographics

Each branch of your healthcare practice will have unique demographics and healthcare needs of local patients. Location-specific content helps to tailor content to address pain points of each branch’s local surroundings to resonate with its population.

Patient Experience

Location-specific content helps portray each area’s healthcare events, medical fairs, and local community programs. It builds a personal touch with local patients as they feel a sense of belonging with your healthcare practice as you are involved and invested in their local healthcare occasions.

Tips for Creating Location-Specific Content for Multi-Branch Healthcare Practices

Get ready to explore the master tips for creating location-specific compelling content for your multiple branches.

Landing Pages

The foremost tip we recommend is creating location-specific landing pages to give a personalized touch to readers when they read the content.

Ensure your landing page contains valuable information about services and local branches, addressing patients’ concerns and providing them with a solution. It helps to serve local audiences with their preferences.

Patient Testimonials

Create a separate section of testimonials to showcase each branch patient’s real-life experiences. It enhances each branch’s credibility and builds deeper connections with potential patients of different localities on a personal level.

Optimizing Local Keywords

Perform location-wise keyword research to determine high-performing keywords and create content around those keywords. Having primarily searched keywords in your content will display your content at the top of SERPs for local searches.

It is recommended to hire a content writer or a content marketing service as they are proficient in creating content by integrating location-specific keywords naturally in your site pages, blog posts, and meta tags.

They will include neighborhood references, area names, and regional terms to emotionally connect with the local audience.

Geotargeted Ads

One of the most efficacious ways to get the best out of location-specific content is incorporating geotargeting Ads into your Content Marketing strategy.

It helps to reach audiences as they will seen as promotional content. Also, the more intriguing and riveting your Ads are, the more the local population will see them of your different branches.

Optimizing GMB Listings

It is pivotal to optimize GMB listings for each branch by ensuring they have accurate contact details, regularly updated photos and videos, and completed all sections.

Note: The more authentic and complete details your each branch GMB listing will have, the higher it will rank in local SERPs.

Apart from the above tips, it is vital to conduct location-specific research to understand each branch’s location’s demographics, cultural nuances, and healthcare needs. Also, the social media posts should be customized according to each branch’s locality to resonate with the local audience.

It is crucial to engage with the local communities of each branch area by actively participating in local events, sponsoring community programs, and sharing its moments on social media platforms.

Also, share healthcare tips, answer queries, and conduct live Q&A sessions. All this will strengthen relations with local communities and audiences.

Lastly, regularly monitor and analyze location-specific content performance, as it will help you comprehend audience behavior, preferences, and local trends. Accordingly, fine-tune content strategy and update your location-specific content.


After reading the blog, you will have excellent clarity on the importance of local SEO for healthcare practices, as well as reasons and tips for creating location-specific content for your multiple branches.

By considering all the information provided in the blog, you can confidently craft engaging and informative location-specific content for your healthcare practice branches.

However, if you wish to simplify this task, partner with the best digital marketing agency – ZealousWeb.

With decade-wide experience in providing premier-quality content marketing services to healthcare practices, we are your reliable specialist in creating location-specific content for your multiple branches. Our SEO specialists will help you rank them higher in SERPs.

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