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How To Increase Patient Engagement With Social Media Marketing For Healthcare?

February 05, 2024Posted By: Dhruvi Parekh
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With patients realizing the importance of healthcare services and enjoying premier-quality outcomes from healthcare solutions, the industry is growing phenomenally.

The practices that are enjoying tremendous growth are leveraging the power of social media marketing. Yes, you read that right. With nearly 50% of patients performing research on social media platforms before shortlisting the ideal healthcare practice for an appointment, it becomes paramount to establish a solid social media presence for sustained success.

Now, you must be thinking that countless social media platforms exist nowadays, and what is the best way to capitalize on them to increase patient engagement? Let us tell you have come to the perfect destination.

In this blog, we will share effective ways to increase patient engagement with social media marketing for your healthcare practice. Nonetheless, you will gain insights about its importance and role in elevating patient engagement.

Let’s get started!

Understanding Patient Engagement

Let us first give you a brief about patient engagement. It not only involves interacting with patients; it is much more than that. It cultivates a long-term relationship between healthcare providers and patients.

It provides countless benefits, from improved adherence to treatment plans to enhanced overall patient satisfaction and loyalty. It empowers them with adequate knowledge, tools, and support for a seamless healthcare journey and keeps them actively participating.

Role Of Social Media In Patient Engagement For Healthcare

Do you know that over 300 million users use social media platforms in the USA? And this figure is going to proliferate in 2024. Out of 300 million users, nearly 75% are adults.

Like offline hoardings, banners, and bulletin boards, social media influences buyers’ decisions by displaying ads to users according to their age, interests, preferences, location, and behaviors.

It acts as a bridge connecting healthcare practices with prospective patients seeking immediate medical assistance. Social media’s real-time nature fosters instant communication and provides an interactive space for informative discussions, community building, and personalized engagement through live Q&As, webinars, and stories.

It empowers healthcare practices to deliver timely information, answer patients’ queries, share educational content, and humanize their brand.

Importance Of Social Media Marketing For Healthcare

Social media in Healthcare is more than another standard tool or short-term trend to yield average results. It is a strategic approach and lucrative technique to create a lasting impression in patients’ minds, spread your brand awareness, share educational content to enrich patients’ knowledge, interact with new communities, and keep existing ones engaged.

It is a remarkable world beyond clinical walls to sail your practice to peak heights. It also serves as a reputation management tool, enabling practices to demonstrate their expertise and win patients’ trust.

Nonetheless, the importance of healthcare social media marketing stretches to cultivating a sense of transparency, streamlining healthcare processes, and nurturing a patient-centric approach.

Ways For Healthcare Practices To Increase Patient Engagement With Social Media Marketing

Strategic Content Creation

The first way is to prioritize developing intriguing, informative content that connects with your target audience. You can share healthcare content through infographics, short videos, articles, and FAQs.

Visual Storytelling

Do you know that nearly 90% of users prefer visual content on social media? Hence, focus on creating visually appealing content by incorporating compelling storytelling techniques to engage patients. You can share through success stories, case studies, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and informative visuals.

Healthcare Campaigns

Around 5 out of 10 users are influenced by social media campaigns. Hence, investing time and effort in crafting a compelling healthcare social media campaign through health challenges or awareness encourages patient engagement. Moreover, interactive topics spark patients’ interest.

Live Q&A Sessions

Conducting live Q&A sessions not only ensures your prospective patients’ queries are answered but also establishes your practice authority as a trustworthy, informative source. It fosters a sense of community and provides an interactive platform for direct interaction.

Health Tips & Reminders

Another efficacious way to increase patient engagement is using social media to share vital health tips, the latest healthcare updates, and timely appointment reminders. Moreover, it also helps to tailor communication to specific patient demographics and humanize your brand by mentioning the patient’s name while sharing timely information.

Patient Testimonials & Reviews

Do you know that over 90% of patients consider reviews and are influenced by them when booking appointments? Hence, it is paramount to respond to reviews and encourage patients to share their experiences. It not only increases engagement but also builds trust and credibility among potential patients to book appointments with your practice. Moreover, addressing negative comments and working on feedback showcases your commitment to enhancing patients’ experience and helps to cater to diverse individuals’ personal needs and preferences.

Apart from the above potent ways, you can conduct surveys to gather patients’ feedback to demonstrate that you value their opinions and implement them in your practice service improvement.

Also, prioritize the regular sharing of healthcare information to keep patients actively engaged and updated. It not only enriches their knowledge but also aids in making informed healthcare decisions.


We hope the blog was valuable for your precious time, and you will have learned effective ways to increase patient engagement in your healthcare practice through social media marketing.

Also, you will have understood social media’s role and importance for healthcare. Nonetheless, the mutual relationship between social media marketing for doctors and patient engagement is a transformative force for healthcare practices.

By implementing the suggested ways in the blog, you will experience tremendous social media growth and patient engagement. However, if you have any questions or need more tips, feel free to contact us.

Moreover, if you want to simplify your social media management and yield desired returns from marketing, consider partnering with ZealousWeb. We have astonishing expertise in handling social media for healthcare practices.

Our decade-long experience and cutting-edge technologies enable us to deliver top-notch outcomes and intended results to clients. Contact us at for a consultation with our healthcare digital marketing experts.


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