Ways to drive traffic to your eCommerce site

10 Ways To Increase Traffic On Your eCommerce Website

July 21, 2019Posted By: Sheba Maniar
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We’ve heard this slogan a couple of hundred times;

“Customer is the king!”

And guess what?

It is true, especially if you own an eCommerce store.

Serving the customer’s needs is the most successful way of creating strong customer relationships that drive your business’s growth to the zenith.

Your most important marketing tool is customer service, which touches your customers directly. Customer service can provide and fulfill all the needs and requirements of customers.

Any eCommerce store not only sticks to providing eCommerce development but also provides the best services to known or unknown clients. Due to this, it increases the sales leads and growth of a business.

It’s no secret that customer loyalty is the key to success for any eCommerce store. Excellent customer service generates positive customer reviews, attracts new customers, and positively influences their buyer’s journey.

While convincing customers to purchase your product or service, there are a plethora of things that you must cater to while curating a flawless marketing strategy.

In this blog, we will walk you through 10 powerful tips to attract and retain customers to generate quality traffic on your eCommerce website.

Tips To Attract And Retain Customers

Unveil the secrets to skyrocketing your eCommerce website’s success with proven tips to attract and retain customers. Discover innovative strategies that not only increase eCommerce website traffic but also foster customer loyalty.

From targeted marketing campaigns to user-friendly interfaces, learn how to drive traffic to your eCommerce site and create a compelling online shopping experience. Elevate your digital presence, captivate your audience, and watch your eCommerce venture thrive with these expert insights.

It’s time to unlock the key to sustained growth and success in the competitive world of online retail.

Discount Offers

Who doesn’t like a discount?

Watching slashed prices will make you buy anything you see and like. These periodic discount offers allow customers to revisit your product or service without hesitation. It will enable them to count their real income and enjoy the product or service at a much lower price.

Discounts can be seasonal, festive, or just clearance sales. You must find the perfect window to announce your discount offers and watch your customers become elated over it.

Live Chat Or Support 24×7 Hours

Offering live support through chat or email is a crucial element in driving traffic to your eCommerce site. Customers, when assured of assistance during and after purchases, develop trust in your business, leading to increased credibility and achieving eCommerce goals.

Providing real-time support not only meets customer expectations but also plays a vital role in boosting confidence and satisfaction. It not only augments eCommerce traffic but also fosters your customer relationships.

Elevate your online presence and drive sustained success by incorporating this proven method to connect, engage, and satisfy your audience.

Customer Support 24×7 Hours

Offers Combo Pack

Besides giving festive-based discounts, integrating the combo pack offers is a great way to attract and retain customers. It brings your product or service into the customers’ eyes, thereby beginning their buyers’ journey and amplifying your product visibility.

The prices you offer on a combo pack will result from increased sales of multiple products at once. For example, Buy X and Get Y products free.

Support Service

Elevating your eCommerce traffic involves various strategies, and prioritizing robust support services is paramount. When customers make a purchase on an eCommerce platform, they not only seek a product but also a seamless user experience. Offering comprehensive support services, be it free or paid, is indispensable in ensuring customers can utilize their purchases effortlessly.

By implementing effective support systems, you not only enhance customer satisfaction but also cultivate positive reviews. These recommendations serve as powerful endorsements, acting as compelling incentives for potential buyers.

The ripple effect is substantial – as satisfied customers share their positive experiences, resulting in your eCommerce site gaining credibility and attracting a broader audience.

Installation Service

Benefits from installation service for your product or services avoid all possible issues with the help of experts. A quick installation service helps with preliminary store analysis. Hence, provide customers with installation service for one whole order.

For example, If a customer purchases more than one product or service on an eCommerce store, provide them with one installation service for all those products or services at the time of sale.

It will also help to prevent any technical errors and provide efficient solutions. It will empower your support team to check if there are any possible improvements suitable for the eCommerce store.

Free Coupon Code And Reward Program

Enhancing your eCommerce website’s traffic is pivotal for sustained success. A powerful strategy to achieve this is by implementing a customer reward program, a gesture that resonates gratitude towards your loyal clientele. Studies reveal a significant inclination of customers to revisit sites featuring reward programs, enticed by the prospect of quicker reward attainment.

Everyone appreciates receiving complimentary items, and your store’s thoughtful gift can be a game-changer. Consider offering a diverse range of rewards, such as an exclusive coupon code for the first purchase or an enticing discount for orders surpassing a certain value. This not only instills goodwill but also fosters a sense of loyalty among your customer base.

Never underestimate the impact of a satisfied customer, who essentially becomes your most potent advertising tool. Their positive experience, coupled with the allure of rewards, can drive organic word-of-mouth referrals and amplify your eCommerce traffic.

In essence, the incorporation of a well-crafted reward program is a dynamic strategy to not only express gratitude but also to drive traffic to your eCommerce site strategically.

Lead by example, show your customers what the others are buying, and watch them buy the most popular products. Provide them with related products or services the customer most viewed or liked. This will lead to increased product or service visibility by customers and also bolster the popularity of your product or service.

Moreover, it will help you know about the most featured products or services that need the market.

Marketing / Promotions

Discovering effective strategies to enhance your eCommerce website’s visibility and engage with your audience is paramount for sustained success. In the realm of online business, maintaining a constant connection with your customers is paramount.

Regular updates about your latest products or services, coupled with timely information on any updates, play a pivotal role in nurturing this connection. Employing various channels such as social media, targeted email marketing campaigns, and leveraging comparison shopping engines are integral components of this engagement strategy.

In the digital landscape, trust is the backbone of successful online transactions. As visitors land on your eCommerce site, they seek reassurance and information. Building this trust requires not only a user-friendly interface but also a comprehensive communication strategy.

Enhance your E-commerce Website’s Visibility

Follow-Up With Customers

Do not forget to send your customers follow-up emails with information on discounts that they might be interested in. You can attach tempting coupon codes, product or service functionality videos and infographics, or hurry up flash messages of limited stock to convert window shoppers into potential sales.

Moreover, ask them for feedback about the product or service using any social media platform or feedback form because this will increase other customers’ interest.

Product Refund Policy

Customers are more expected to purchase at a store if it has a flexible return policy. Accepting returns or exchanges is a necessary component of excellent customer service. Your loyal customers expect this kind of service and highly appreciate it.


After reading the blog, you will have a firm grip on ten effective tips for cashing in prospective customers and traffic to your eCommerce website. By incorporating all ten tips or at least half of them, you will definitely experience positive results and an increase in sales figures.

Moreover, we believe customers are the real assets of any company. They look to purchase a product or service that is available in the marketplace with impressive discounts, customer support service, and a refund/return policy.

Nonetheless, before placing your product on the market, you must ensure that your developed product is flawless and user-friendly because one bad review can destroy years of hard work.

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