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Increase Your Dentistry Website Visibility In SERPs With Local SEO

December 15, 2023Posted By: Sailesh Bhambhani
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Do you know that nearly 50% of searches on Google have local intent, of which 92% of local searches close on the first page? To simplify, 5 out of 10 patients have local search intent, from which four book appointments with the dental office ranked on the first page of search results.

Local SEO is the hack to achieving top ranking on the first page of search engine results. Yes, you read that right. It is the most potent tool for dentistry to increase website visibility and appear at the top of SERPs.

Are you looking to rank your dental website higher in SERPs? If yes, this blog is your gateway to attaining success in search engine rankings by unraveling the master tips and key considerations for formulating Local SEO strategies.

Let’s get started and unveil the hack to attract potential patients to your dental practice doorstep.

Importance Of Local SEO

Local SEO is integral for dental practices seeking increased online visibility in specific geographic areas and spreading brand awareness in the local surroundings.

With more than 70% of users performing a local search before visiting a dental office near them, optimizing your website content and keywords around patients’ search intent is paramount.

It ensures that your dentistry website appears at the top of the Google Maps pack when patients seek dental care in their locality. Local SEO helps bridge the gap between your dental practice’s digital and physical aspects by converting online local searches into tangible appointments.

Also, close to 90% of users searching for dental offices near them visit within 24 hours. And kudos go to Local SEO. Hence, it is crucial to incorporate in your digital marketing strategy to enjoy higher conversions.

Tips To Achieve Higher Rankings With Local SEO For Dental Practices

In this section, we will share efficacious tips to achieve higher rankings in SERPs with Local SEO for Dental Practices.

Optimize GMB Profile

The foremost tip for higher rankings in SERPs is optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) profile by completing fundamental information and regularly updating if any changes in business hours.

Local Keyword Optimization

Another paramount tip to consider is performing keyword research through tools like SemRush and Moz to determine which dental-related keywords are primarily searched by users.

Accordingly, incorporate them with location-specific keywords in your website content, meta descriptions, header, title, and image alt tags. Also, make sure to take a mix of short-tail and long-tail keywords.

It helps to earn higher rankings on both low-performing and high-performing, resulting in amplified rankings on SERPs.

Patient Reviews And Testimonials

If you scroll through the dental practices listed in the top 5 results of Google Map Packs of your locality, you will find a similarity in ratings. Patient Reviews, Ratings, and Testimonials are critical in patient decision-making as they decide the conversion to appointments.

With nearly 98% of patients booking an appointment with dental practices having ratings close to 5 stars, it is pivotal to pay attention to negative reviews and respond to comments by addressing patients’ issues to turn feedback into positive ones. It will augment your Google ratings.

Localized Content Creation

Another tip to consider is developing compelling content that resonates with the local audience. The best option is opting for a content marketing service or hiring a content writer, as they are well-versed in crafting engaging and educational content around the patient’s search intent and your services.

The more informative and helpful your content is, the more time readers will spend reading it. It will positively impact Google algorithms that users derive meaning from your site content.

Another crucial tip for local SEO success is to pay attention to acquiring links from authoritative and reputable third-party websites. It enhances your dental practice’s credibility in search engines’ algorithms.

The hack to successful local link building is establishing connections with local businesses, communities, and organizations.

Mobile Optimization

Lastly, it is critical to optimize your website for mobile users, as nearly 60% of smartphone users review business websites from their mobile phones.

Hence, utilize mobile optimization techniques to make your site user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and faster loading pages. You can simplify this process by hiring an SEO specialist.

Key Considerations For Local SEO Strategies

In the last section, we will share key considerations to remember while planning Local SEO Strategies.

Consistent NAP Information

Ensure consistency in local citations: NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) is consistent across online directories, social media profiles, clinic websites, and review sites. It leads to enhanced credibility in search engines’ eyes to trust your GMB profile information.

Local Citations

Make sure to list your dental practice on reputable and genuine local directories and citation sites. Listing in authoritative local citations establishes strong goodwill for your dental practice in local areas.

Monitor Online Presence

It is pivotal to regularly monitor your website’s online presence for dental practice by using local SEO analysis tools to detect any shortcomings or negative reviews. Active management helps to identify and fix issues promptly, resulting in a positive online reputation.

Geotargeted PPC Campaigns

And lastly, consider investing in the best PPC service, like the one offered by ZealousWeb. With our geotargeted pay-per-click (PPC) Ad campaigns, you can generate potential clicks and conversions from specific local areas.

Geotargeted campaigns involve publishing content for particular localities to help you acquire organic traffic. These location-specific helps you obtain potential conversions from desired neighborhoods.


After reading the blog, you will be well-informed about the importance of Local SEO, tips for achieving higher rankings with Local SEO for dental practices, and key considerations for Local SEO strategies.

This potent tool is your path to gaining a competitive edge over competitors and establishing solid credibility in your local market. You can simplify the journey of achieving success in SERPs by partnering with ZealousWeb for Local SEO services.

As a highly trustworthy healthcare digital marketing agency, we are committed to helping our dentistry clients achieve peak ranking in SERPs and display their dental practice at the top of Local Google Map packs.

Become the beacon of dentistry in your local areas by choosing us. Contact us today at hello@zealousweb.com for the local SEO package and a free trial.


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