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Understanding The PSD To WordPress Conversion Advantages And Steps

August 06, 2019Posted By: Vishal Valand
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In the fast-evolving business landscape, establishing a strong online presence is paramount. This shift towards the digital realm has made content management systems (CMS) an integral part of the business strategy.

WordPress, the most preferred CMS, powers over 30% of websites on the internet. In this blog, we’ll explore the advantages of PSD to WordPress Conversion for your WordPress Development projects. You will learn three pivotal steps to create a WordPress website. Let’s get started!

The Three Steps To Creating A WordPress Website

Layout Creation

The first step involves designing the website layout, which can be done in various graphic design tools like Photoshop, Sketch, or Adobe XD.

Layout To HTML Conversion

The next step includes transforming the design into HTML, typically handled by an HTML developer.


Lastly, make the HTML dynamic by a WordPress developer.

Each of these steps involves a different resource: a graphic designer, an HTML developer, and a WordPress developer.

However, if the WordPress developer has a basic understanding of HTML structure, CSS, and jQuery, you can bypass the need for a dedicated HTML developer and proceed to convert the layout from PSD to WordPress.

Benefits Of PSD To WordPress Conversion

In this section, we will walk you through the astonishing benefits of PSD to WordPress Conversion for your next web project.


Let’s consider a scenario: Creating a website involves a graphic designer spending 30 hours on the layout, an HTML developer dedicating 50 hours to create HTML with animations, sliders, and HTML effects, and finally, a WordPress developer investing 40 hours in website development. In this case, a total of 120 hours is spent.

Now, if you create a website directly from PSD to WordPress without the intermediate HTML creation step, the process would take around 30 hours for layout creation and 60 hours for WordPress Development. This totals 90 hours, resulting in a significant time savings of 30 hours.

Cost-Effective Development

Reducing the time spent logically leads to cost savings. You can deliver every project efficiently and utilize the saved capital in revenue-generating activities. Hence, direct PSD to WordPress development is not only efficient but also budget-friendly.

Utilization Of Default Tools And WordPress Functionality

Content Management System for Business Strategy

By bypassing HTML creation, you can leverage the default tools and functions of WordPress:

  • Full HTML support for efficient development.
  • Predefined layouts that can be readily employed.
  • Utilize plugins for features like sliders, navigation, blogging, and social sharing.
  • Built-in responsive CSS using the Bootstrap framework.

Less Dependency On Additional Resources

The typical WordPress Development process involves three resources: a creative designer, an HTML developer, and a WordPress developer. However, when you opt for PSD to WP conversion, only two resources are needed – the creative designer and the WordPress developer. This results in reduced resource dependency.

Fewer Bugs

With a streamlined development process, the chances of bugs decrease significantly. When a single developer handles both HTML and CSS, the development process becomes more efficient and less error-prone, delivering the final output within the dedicated timeframe.

Resource Utilization

By eliminating the need for an HTML developer in the PSD to WP process, you can allocate that resource to other tasks, optimizing resource utilization. It will help you boost your overall productivity and enhance resource management activity.


After reading the blog, you will have gained insights and clarity on how PSD to WordPress Conversion will reap you lucrative rewards. You will have understood the three essential steps involved in creating a WordPress website.

Also, if you are considering the development of a website to enhance your business’s online presence, choosing a PSD to WordPress Conversion Company is a wise move. PSD to WP development is a time-saving and cost-effective approach that can significantly benefit your business.

Based on our personal experience, we suggest hiring a WordPress developer with expertise in PSD to WordPress Conversion, considering that WordPress is one of the most prominent CMS platforms. The reasons and factors discussed in the blog highlight the advantages of choosing PSD to WP for a successful and efficient web development project.

However, if are thinking of considering WordPress for your website development, look no further than ZealousWeb. With incredible experience and in-depth knowledge of designing visually appealing websites, we are one of the leading WordPress Development Agency.

Contact us today at for a quotation or any questions about WordPress development.

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